Balancing Your Office Home And Your Health In A Better Way

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z


With all the companies losing on their working days due to the virus, it has become important to understand why your home office and your health is very important to be in the correct balance. If that stops, you might end up spoiling your work and also your health. In this lockdown, one cannot afford to fall sick. The immunity is one thing that we cannot compromise on in these times. Let us see how can you to that!


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Balance out your home office and your health


Your home office and your health are like a little team. If anyone of it is affected, then you might lose the game. Most of the employees around the world are actually working on the concept of work from home as of now. Here are some ways you can and somethings you must keep in your head, while you are in this lockdown!


1) Take the right place of sitting


The only thing that must be different from the office at your home should be, that you can work in pajamas and bathe when you wish to. Nothing must be changed and should not change otherwise. This includes the fixed place where you must be seated isn’t it? Hence, fix a place and do not keep moving here and there!


2) Take care of your posture


One problem you think you might not face in balancing your home office and your health is your neck and back pains. However, let us tell you, this is not true, you might face more than usual problems of back and neck during work from home. How do you get through that? Well, it is easy, you just have to be in the right posture.


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3) Exercising is important


We and you both know that we have more time, as all the traveling and all the exhaustion of waking up early is done. You dedicate some time to exercise well at your place. It is hence necessary to keep your fitness in check, it just makes you balance your home office and your health in a better way.


4) Take breaks in between


You do not have your colleagues for a little chit chat break, we are sure you do not want to bore family. After all, how do they know that someone named so and so is a terrible employee? Hence take some break, walk a bit, or maybe listen to your favorite work song.


5) Do not disturb food timings


We know you are in your comfort of when and what to eat, yet we would suggest not to disturb your food timings. Keep it as the one you had at your office, this would keep your body in the right momentum. To keep your fitness you must have food at the right time. Hence, helping you to balance your home office and your health


We are all fighting as individuals, as companies and as a nation, against the virus. Amidst keeping your home office and your health in regular check and balance is a necessary job! So, take care, and make sure you are safe and healthy!


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