7 Assisting Health Tips during Work From Home

Anju Bisht

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Coronavirus pandemic, lockdown, Work From Home, and so much going on; we can’t go to the gym or park unless you want to get beaten up. The government is taking initiatives to halt the spread of COVID-19 by complete lockdown as the consequences can be far worse than one’s imagination.


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Those who are an office worker and have to WFW are right now worried about how to take care of their health, right? You don’t have to worry- we are here to share- health tips during work from home.


7 Health Tips during Work from Home


While working at home all day you might encounter multiple health issues. Let’s do this together; it doesn’t hurt to get a head-start!


1. Set-up the workplace away from Kitchen


Here is something very important, if this WFH thing is the first-time make sure to set up your desk or workplace at home distanced from the kitchen and fridge. Otherwise, the whole thing will tempt you to overeat or you will be distracted in the end.


2. Plan-time for meal and snacks


Plan your meal beforehand exactly as you plan your whole day, as in, wake up, workout, and shower. So, plan your breakfast, lunch, and evening snack accordingly as normal office days. Nothing ordinary, just eating exactly as you use to. Count in this health tips during work from home.


3. Focus on eating right


Once occupied with work taking a break for eating something right might seem difficult. But you have to do this, for which you can even set reminder alarms. Understand your signs of hunger do not suppress it otherwise; you will end up becoming a hungry beast when the clock ticks at 7 o’clock.


Looking at the current scenario, it is important to eat a balanced and nutritious diet. This will help boost your immune system to fight off infections.


4. Drink enough water


Another thing, obvious the righteous health tips during work from home. You have to drink enough water do not get too involved in work that you forget to drink water. Fill a water bottle just as you do at the office to keep at your desk this will remind you to drink enough.


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5. Do not hang on caffeine


Too much of anything is bad, the same goes for caffeine as it can pose various health issues. Make sure not to take more than two cups of coffee per day. The health problems associated include headaches, anxiety, digestive issues, and fatigue.


6 Do not buy junk


You are supposed to build your immunity right now to fight off viruses. Where all this junk and unhealthy food will weaken your immunity. Better would be not to buying such food items. So, no need to buy and eat junk. Eat healthily and right, the best health tips during work from home.


7 Do mix lunch break with work


Now that you don’t have a team to go together for lunch that doesn’t mean you will mix up the work with a lunch break. The lunch break is intended to be for lunch, make sure no work during that time. It will give your mind rest as well as stop you from overeating.


You can follow the above health tips during work from home time to stay healthy. Lastly-yet importantly; stay at home, stay safe, and stay healthy.

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