Contactless Delivery, Keeping Your Orders Safe

Somya Verma

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We are all known to the recent lingo that is going on around “contactless deliveries”. It is like all the companies and eCommerce is using this term to build trust in customers. The word is self-explanatory. It tells you what the person does when they are engaged in a contactless delivery system. Keeping the condition in mind, we at GoMedii have also made sure that there are enough social distancing and contactless deliveries from our side. We are in this fight together!


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What are the major advantages of contactless deliveries?


In this fight against COVID-19, we all must understand that keeping the least contact is the best. Here are some advantages that you can get through this.


1) Lesser touch by hands


The human contact of your deliveries is made almost 0% when such kind of a system is put in place. Customers feel safe and they are assured of no human interference.


2) Encourage digital payments


Indirectly this concept of contactless deliveries facilitates digital payments. Even the government has encouraged the system for long. Here is the chance where we can make sure that maximum people understand the importance.


3) Makes things reach to you in lockdown


Contactless delivery has come like a boon to us. Imagine if in this lockdown you had no grocery and no way to get your medicines? What would you do? We know pharmacies are open but do you wish to take the chance of going out at this time and violate social distancing by standing in a long queue?


4) Helps the business


It is also good for the business as well. Contactless deliveries have shown, how you can keep your business alive even in the lockdown. At GoMedii we make sure that we take care of hygiene and also motivate ourselves to keep serving our customers.


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How can businesses and companies ensure contactless deliveries?


Right above we mentioned some benefits of initiating contact deliveries for customers. Let us now see how can the companies who deliver can take care to make sure that contactless deliveries are possible.


Choose mobile payments


Stop taking cash as a payment option to avoid hand-to-hand contact and spreading any germs that may be lingering on paper bills and coins.


Sanitization is and must be the priority


Sanitize your surfaces and POS terminals, and seal your orders in clean, disinfected packaging that’s double-sealed. Consider adding a flyer or sticker thanking your customers for their support and reassuring them you’ve taken extra safety precautions with their order.


It may be worth also adding a coupon to encourage further orders and providing your social media handles for future updates and offers.


Make sure the maximum know


You must make your customers aware of the benefits and why you are now making contactless delivery a must. Make sure they are informed through various channels.


At GoMedii, we care about your safety. We have hence made all our staff members understand contactless deliveries and social distancing. We ensure sanitization and you can order medicines and other medical requirements with all the trust. Stay home, stay safe!

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