Manage Anger: 5 Tips To Control Anger

Anju Bisht

, Health A2Z

Do you think you’ll blow a fuse the moment something goes wrong? Well, suck it up! There is nothing wrong with getting angry- everybody gets angry at some point. Though anger is a normal emotion and even a healthy one, up to a certain limit. The concern lies where you fail to deal with it in a healthy way. “HEALTHY” way? When you are about to blow your top, Wait, count 5 and give a shot to healthy tips to control anger.


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If you are dealing with anger issues that are affecting you as well as people around you- time to keep your anger in check.


5 Tips to control angry- Don’t let anger control you


1. Count to 5 and breath


When angry don’t act on an impulse, things that once done can’t be undone. When you start to lose temper take 3 deep breaths and count 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Then give yourself and the other one the time to things straight. As it’s said better safe than sorry.


2. Time to express


After you got some chill pill, now you can think straight. It’s time for you to clear some stuff out, present your concern in an assertive manner. Do not act dominator or hurt someone’s feelings.


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3. Need to Vent


Do not get carried away with the emotion that something went wrong. Drop the act of clinging on the matter that made you angry, instead, look for the solution. Forget not to remind yourself, getting angry won’t solve anything.


4. Seeking justice or ask revenge

“When you feel wronged you look at people as your enemy- either you want to seek justice or get revenge.” Something I learned from Mahabharat, a lesson from Lord Krishna. Justice seekers are those who believe in doing the right thing. Where revenge is a decision made in the heat of the moment (in anger). Or by those ” Jinka Hrday Mai Dharm ni Hota”-Lord Krishna.
The Foundation of justice is forgiving. Forgiving is divinity, where anger will suppress your divinity.

5. Other tips to control anger

Apart from the one mentioned above, following the below tips will help you in managing your anger.
  • If you have an angry issue, start indulging yourself in relaxation techniques like deep-breathing exercises, meditation, listening to some peaceful sound or anything that might work for you.
  • In stressful times, give your self break or me-time. This will make you less irritated and angry due to stress.
  • Exercises can reduce stress which can be a root cause in some cases of becoming angry.
Lastly- there is a need for you to understand that will only make things worse. If you decide to subdue your anger, at first, things might appear a little challenging. Later following tips to control anger will help you and people around you turn happier. If you think you are unable to control your anger, seek help.

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