9 Healthiest Navratri Diet for Diabetic Patients

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Its Navratri season, time for celebration!! Navratri starts the beginning of the list of festivals in India. In Navratri, we can see in the market there are a lot of Navratri food stalls that would be there. There are a variety of foods available but if you are a diabetic patient then you should always keep in mind what to eat or not. I know it’s hard but you have a focus on your diet first. So yes, in this blog we are giving you the best food options which you can easily have while Navratri fast. Here, 9 mouth-watering Navratri diet for diabetic patients.


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Navratri Diet for Diabetic Patients


Here are 9 favourite and mouth-watering Navratri diet for diabetic patients include:


1. Singhara Tikki




Singhara atta is rich in potassium and low in sodium which is beneficial in water retention in the body. You can mix it with water along with bolied lauki to make tikkis by brushing little oil. You can enjoy this as an evening snack along with your tea. You can also make green chutney with it to spice up the taste.


2. Roasted Makhana


9 Mouth Watering Navratri Diet for Diabetic Patients


Makhana is one of the most popular snacks served during Navratri. If you also love Makhanas, try roasting some with peanuts in some ghee. This serves as a great snack that you can have on the go.


3. Makhana Kheer


9 Mouth Watering Navratri Diet for Diabetic Patients


While fasting we usually crave something sweet. To control or manage this craving of meetha during fasting, there can be nothing tastier and healthier than makhana kheer. You can make this kheer using milk, makhana, jaggery and dry fruits of your choice.


4. Pumpkin Cutlets


9 Mouth Watering Navratri Diet for Diabetic Patients


Pumpkin is a commonly consumed vegetable during Navratri. People add them in kuttu puri or pakodas. Although, you can try these pumpkin cutlets for a nice twist to the Navratri fasting foods. Peel off the skin from the pumpkin and cut it into small pieces. Cook it in a pressure cooker until the pumpkin becomes soft and mushy.


5. Paneer Tikka and Bhruji


9 Mouth Watering Navratri Diet for Diabetic Patients



Paneer is full of nutrients, like – protein, calcium and linoleic acid. It is very helpful in weight loss. As it is good for diabetic patients. You can have paneer as a bhurji form and a tikka form whichever you feel to have. It also carries vitamin A & transfat free.


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6. Apple Smoothie


9 Mouth Watering Navratri Diet for Diabetic Patients


Apple smoothie slurp, there you go something delicious. Normally when we heard this we can start imagining the dense apple smoothie. It is rich in calcium, vitamin-A, vitamin-C, protein, antioxidants, potassium, fibre, and iron. Wow, this carries a lot of things so it automatically is good for a diabetic patient.


7. Kuttu Flour Roti with Lauki Vegetable



Kuttu flour is highly enriched with protein and vitamin B and dietary fiber. Moreover, it is also very helpful for a diabetic patient. It is also a good source of carbs, iron, calcium, and zinc.


8. Fruits Raita


9 Mouth Watering Navratri Diet for Diabetic Patients


Yummy, this is the best item fruit raita contains calcium, vitamins, minerals etc. Which provides a lot of energy during fast and also good for a diabetic patient. A diabetic patient can easily have this.


9. Fruit Chat


19 Best Vegetables and Fruits For Type 2 Diabetes


We all know that fruits are very good for our overall health. Also, diabetic patients can easily have fruits like apple, jamun, papaya, gauva and cherries on their Navratri fast. There is no harm in having fruit chat. You can put some fruit cream in fruit chat it looks delicious and tasty.


Navratri Diet Chart for Diabetic Patients



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I’m sure these 9 Mouth-Watering Navratri Diet for Diabetic Patients would definitely satisfy your hunger. Satisfy your craving is must but taking care of your health is also very important. But before taking any of these items consult your doctor first.


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