Normal Delivery or C-section: Which is Better?

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Nowadays, most of the people are in favour of C-section delivery because it’s hygienic, easy and no pain phenomena but as our older says that normal delivery is the best, in that case, the women get confused about that. So, yeah don’t be confused in this entire blog I am going to share some detailed information and awareness about normal delivery and C-section delivery choose which is best according to your condition.



Normal Delivery or C- Section



Normal Delivery


This is the most common option for delivery, vaginal delivery is known to have fewer risks than a c-section. According to the WHO research, 70% to 80% of pregnant women who enter into labor are at low risk and can probably deliver vaginally. That’s the reason why vaginal delivery is called as normal delivery. It is also known as the natural birth procedure because the labor starts on its own, signifying that the baby is ready to come into the world.




Nowadays this procedure is very common, there are so many women’s who wants to born their baby via c- section. It is a surgical procedure, wherein an incision is made through the abdomen and uterus of the mother. When normal delivery is not considered safe, the doctor’s have to go with this method of childbirth.



Benefits of Normal Delivery:


The benefits are divided into two categories the mother and the baby include:


To Mother


Baby mother interaction: Women have expressed higher satisfaction, improved interaction with the baby, and control over the delivery in the case of vaginal delivery.


Mother feeding: Normal delivery also aids better maternal breastfeeding success through breast milk maturation. It depends on the skin to skin contact during normal delivery also leads to better outcomes with regards to breastfeeding and infant crying.


Motherly mortality: Studies comparing maternal mortality between cesarean and normal delivery have shown that the risk is low in normal delivery than it is in c-section.


Quick recovery: The recovery time after delivery is shorted with vaginal delivery than with cesarean delivery. It takes just 1 or 2 days to recover after a normal delivery, and about 2 weeks to resume the daily activities.


To Baby


Brain development: Yale School of Medicine’s research states that during vaginal birth, Ucp2 (a protein) is triggered in the hippocampus (a small brain organ), aiding the infant’s brain development. It also results in better neurobehavioral and physiological functions


Bacteria: Through vaginal birth, the baby goes through the birth canal. Here, it gets exposed to bacteria which is known to be beneficial for its immune health, brain, and digestive health. It even helps in preventing infections.


Problems With Normal Delivery:


To Mother


Labor is painful: Labor pain is considered to be severe, which is the reason why women fear vaginal delivery. Also, the time taken for the birth could be shorter or longer, and cannot be predicted which way it leans.


To Baby


Usually, vaginal delivery is safe for the baby. Although, in rare cases (difficult birth, prolonged delivery, the baby is too large for gestational age), there could be risks of mild injuries which could be resolved a few weeks after the birth.




Benefits Of C-Section Delivery:


To Mother


Organize delivery: Usually, a cesarean is planned based on the health conditions of the mother and the baby. The doctors team plan the whole procedure to bring the baby into the world safely. The procedure is mostly under control.


No Pain: As it is a surgical procedure, the mother does not go through labor or experience the pain which she otherwise would have in normal delivery.


Reduced time: In recent years, the cesarean techniques have been simplified. Less loss of blood, shorter operating time, and higher patient satisfaction.


Reduced risk of incontinence: There is no stretching or tearing of the vaginal with cesarean surgery, so there is a lower risk of pelvic prolapse, anal and urinary incontinence.


Reduced risk of infection transmission: A few studies have found that there is no or reduced risk of transmission of hepatitis B virus or other infections to the infant with the elective cesarean procedure.


To Baby


Lessen trauma: As the baby doesn’t have to pass through the birth canal during a c-section procedure, there is no stress or trauma to the baby. The baby is safely taken out of the mother’s womb.


 No injury: There are fewer or almost no risks of injury to the baby through a cesarean delivery.


Safe & secure delivery: Sometimes, the baby settles down in the mother’s womb in certain abnormal positions (such as transverse lie or breach). Or the mom could have such conditions like- placenta previa. In such conditions, normal delivery could be risky, and a c-section would ensure the baby is safe.


What Are The Possible Problems Associated With C-Section?


To Mother


Anesthesia-related complications: Anesthesia given before the cesarean is not the actual reason for risks. Less knowledge, inexperience, improper care, as well as the condition of the patient,  are certain factors which contribute to complications after the administration of anesthesia.


Mother feeding: There’s a high risk related to breastfeeding for mothers who have undergone c-section surgery include delayed maturity of milk, production of insufficient milk, and even early termination of breastfeeding.


Surgery-related infections: Similar to other surgeries, cesarean surgery could result in surgical site risks such as endometritis and wound infections. There are also chances of maternal mortality and morbidity.


 Long term risk: There could be risks related to future pregnancies and fertility with cesarean delivery, which is not the case with normal delivery.


To Baby


Breathing problems: With a c-section delivery, there is a risk of transient tachypnea of the newborn (TTN), which is the formation of fluid in the baby’s lungs, making it difficult to breathe.


Health problems: There is a chance of babies to having some longterm disorders like – asthma, allergies, diabetes, and bowel diseases if they were born through a cesarean delivery.



As you see in the entire blog we have discussed normal delivery and C-section and its benefits. Before taking any decision to consult your gynecologist first. After the birth of your baby, you should see a child specialist in Noida in order to prevent and avoid any health issues in your child. Children can sometimes be weak at health due to the immature immunity system. Therefore, it is the duty of the parents to keep a watch on their health.

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