How Much Is The Laparoscopic Lymph Node Biopsy Cost In India?

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The human body is indeed nature’s best creation and the finest manifestationThere are multiple, numerous systems working 24/7 in the human body that individually perform several functions. The lymphatic system is one of the most complex systems of the human body. It is typically a network of organs, tissues, vessels, and nodes that is part of the circulatory system in vertebrates. This collective system is responsible for the healthy fluid balance throughout your body. The bone marrow, thymus, and lymph nodes collectively form the lymphatic system.



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What Is Laparoscopic Lymph Node Biopsy?


Lymph node biopsy is a diagnostic test where the lymph node tissue is collected to be examined under a microscope for diseases. In this procedure, a thin flexible wire containing a camera is inserted through the small incision typically performed over your abdominal area. Many people believe that lymph node biopsy is a surgical approach but in reality, it is just a diagnostic method usually performed to assist the diagnosis of a disease.


Why Do We Need A Laparoscopic Lymph Node Biopsy?


When lymph nodes become infected, it usually begins elsewhere in your body. In conditions where computed tomography-guided percutaneous lymph node biopsy or ultrasound cannot obtain sufficient tissues for histopathologic lymphoma diagnosis, laparoscopic lymph node biopsy plays a pivotal role in obtaining the entire lymph node with minimally invasive approaches. This process is gaining popularity due to its diagnostic accuracy in intra-abdominal lymphoma.


This procedure is a procedure of choice to obtain deep lymph node tissues in patients with intra-abdominal lymphadenopathy with low morbidity. Typically, it is an outpatient procedure with some recommended post-operative measures that involve prescribed medications. Nevertheless, if there is any complication during surgery, it may become an inpatient procedure.


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How Do They Do A Laparoscopic Lymph Node Biopsy?


Most people believe that laparoscopic lymph node biopsy is a form of treatment. Still, in reality, it is a diagnostic tool that involves surgical incisions of abdominal lymph nodes using a laparoscope. Primarily, this procedure is performed to examine the lymph nodes inside the body and check the entire abdominal cavity.


The steps involved in the procedure of a laparoscopic lymph node biopsy are:


  • At the beginning of the procedure, you may have local anesthesia (numbing medicine) injected into the area or general anesthesia.
  • After that, the surgeon will mark and clean the biopsy site on the abdomen.
  • Then, 2-4 small incisions (ports) of 5 mm are made on the abdomen, and a small laparoscopic tube is inserted through the incision.
  • In this stage, the surgeon will examine the lymph node, and a sufficient number of nodes will be removed.
  • The sample of a node is then sent to the laboratories for examination.
  • At last, the surgeon will close the incisions with sutures and stitches.


A laparoscopic lymph node biopsy is an outpatient procedure that usually takes 45 minutes to 2 hours. You may be kept under observation for 6 hours after the procedure. Some post-operative care includes painkillers to relieve pain after the surgery.


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What Are The Benefits Of Laparoscopic Lymph Node Biopsy In India?


Laparoscopic lymph node biopsy is a new-age technology; it is an addition to traditional biopsy methods that involve larger incisions and disrupts more tissue around the lymph node. This new-age method has significantly high productivity and is very successful in diagnosing various malignant diseases such as cancer.


There are various benefits of laparoscopic lymph node biopsy in India, such as:


  • Minimal Scarring
  • Fast Recovery
  • Less Pain
  • Fewer Complications
  • High Success rate


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How Long Does It Take To Recover From Laparoscopic Lymph Node Biopsy?


The recovery after laparoscopic lymph node biopsy is straightforward and faster as compared to traditional open surgery. In the initial hours after the biopsy, patients are monitored, as well as provided pain-relieving medications. After that, the patient can go home. Nevertheless, they have follow-up appointments scheduled for monitoring. Within a few weeks, many patients can able to perform various physically demanding activities, and gradually, the patient starts recovering; full recovery may take up to four weeks.


How Much Does A Laparoscopic Lymph Node Biopsy Cost In India?


The laparoscopic lymph node biopsy cost in India lies between USD 1000 – USD 3000 (INR 84,000 – INR 2,60,000), depending on the chosen healthcare facility.


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What Are The Top Hospitals For Laparoscopic Lymph Node Biopsy?


India explicitly offers a wide variety of hospitals that provide laparoscopic lymph node biopsy at an affordable price. It is a vital destination for those surviving infections and other lymph node problems. GoMedii has compiled a list of the top hospitals for laparoscopic lymph node biopsy.




  1. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Research Institute, Mumbai
  2. Medanta The Medicity, Gurugram, Delhi NCR
  3. Artemis Hospital Gurgram, Delhi NCR
  4. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital New Delhi, Delhi NCR
  5. Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
  6. Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, Delhi NCR
  7. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket Delhi, Delhi NCR
  8. Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai
  9. SevenHills Hospital, Mumbai
  10. Blk Super Speciality Hospital Delhi, Delhi NCR


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FAQs Related To Laparoscopic Lymph Node Biopsy Cost In India


Q: Is lymph node biopsy done under local or general anesthesia?

A: Because lymph node biopsy carries some minimal incisions, the patient needs to keep asleep during the procedure to avoid further complications.


Q: Are laparoscopy and biopsy the same?

A: Laparoscopy and biopsy are comprehensive diagnostic methods to capture images of lymph nodes inside the body. This procedure is beneficial in different medical conditions and helps get a tissue sample for the examination.


Q: Is laparoscopic biopsy safe?

A: This procedure is typically an outpatient with fewer risks and complications, and many patients can perform various physical activities within a few weeks after the surgery.


Q: Is removing lymph nodes a big operation?

A: Typically, lymph node biopsy is a minimal operation with fewer chances of complications. Still, in the case of melanoma, the lymph node dissection or lymphadenectomy is considered a pretty hefty operation, and there are some after-effects also associated with this procedure.


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