Do you know the truth about painkillers?

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Wondering, What is the truth about painkillers? Often ignored and isn’t that palpable, yes, we are talking about painkiller addiction. No one becomes addicted to painkillers on their own will. However, there is a rise in the abuse of painkillers. They can be helpful but they are as addictive as street drugs, such as heroin, which can lead to dependence and overdose and can also cause deadly health risks.


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You must seek every possible alternative before getting onto painkillers. Besides, we’ll discuss the truth about painkillers in detail by understanding the misconceptions related to it.


Know the truth about painkillers


There are tones of misleading information available over the internet. There are many questions you must be eager about, but you must differentiate between misconceptions and facts. Know the truth about painkillers by understanding the below-mentioned misconceptions.


 1. Misconception- Usage


Know the truth about painkillers


To those who are saying “the more you take, the better” no offense, but are you referring to painkillers or Bournvita? On a very serious note, for severe injury taking 2 pills may be effective (if prescribed) than one for relieve. But the usage for too long can backfires. As the excess use can sensitize a portion of the nervous system and can alter the way your brain and spinal cord understand the signals.


2. Misconception- Addictive


Know the truth about painkillers



“Taking painkillers for a genuine purpose do not cause addictivity,” isn’t that funny! As if you are convincing the painkiller that “I am taking you for a purpose so, don’t harm me.”


The truth about painkillers is that from the very beginning when you started taking painkillers, you got the risk of additivity. It has nothing to do with your moral character or genuine reason. It’s just the natural character of the drug.


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3. Misconception- Risk factors


Know the truth about painkillers


On the contrary, you can’t just get addicted to prescription painkillers, it does have risk factors involved. Where, the factors are a family history of addiction, a personal history of alcohol and drug abuse or psychiatric disorders.


Surely, not everyone will get addicted, but sudden withdrawal after using for a longer period may cause symptoms in everyone.


4. Misconception- No long-term consequences


Know the truth about painkillers


Painkillers are no joke! Addiction is not the only risk to your health when consuming for an extended period. These drugs can harm your endocrine system and disrupt your hormones as well. Starting from effecting libido to your risk of osteoporosis. So, the other truth about painkillers is it does have long term consequences.


5. Misconception- Avoid painkillers altogether


Know the truth about painkillers


Well, you just can’t avoid these painkillers for the treatment of acute injury or chronic pain, especially when other relieving technique fails. For the same, the treatment involving prescription painkillers medications should continue for a short period.


6. Misconception- Painkillers can fix your discomfort


Know the truth about painkillers


The biggest truth about painkillers- it conceals the symptoms rather than resolving the underlying causes. It is better to treat the source than pain. To improve the condition you need to address the condition first.


You must have understood the truth about pain medication by learning about the misconceptions, what next? Next, you need to understand that taking painkillers for pain relief is your decision to make. Deal with the pain without using pain medication, if possible, as in with some healthier and safer alternatives, such as natural remedies. For the same, manage pain with the best natural alternative widely known as yoga. Besides, you can get help from the healthcare provider if other alternatives fail.


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