What Is The Cancer Treatment Cost In South Africa?

South Africa is increasingly becoming one of the top destinations worldwide for cancer treatment. Two cities – Cape Town and Western Cape have evolved into top medical destinations in the country. Moreover, the country ranks 22nd out of 47 destinations globally in the world medical tourism index. It has a global ranking of 22nd out of 47 destinations in the world medical tourism index.


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Medical travelers from Europe, the USA, Canada, and Africa visit every year to get their cancer treatment done in South Africa.


Keep on reading to know the cancer treatment cost in South Africa!


Why Should I Choose South Africa For My Treatment?


  • Facilities: South Africa is renowned worldwide for high-quality medical services, with 40% of medical tourists seeking advanced technology procedures performed by highly trained personnel. Doctors and surgeons trained at top international institutes utilize state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring a comfortable patient experience.


  • Cost Advantage: South Africa offers cost-effective medical treatments and a 14% Value Added Tax (VAT) rebate for medical tourists. The combination of reduced costs, high-quality care, and a pleasant atmosphere positions South Africa as a leading destination for medical tourism.


  • Less Waiting Time: Medical tourists choose South Africa to avoid lengthy waiting times, as the country boasts lower waiting times for most procedures compared to many parts of the world. Patients can receive quality, hassle-free treatment promptly, avoiding extended stays and saving money.


  • Natural Beauty: Beyond medical treatments, South Africa’s captivating landscapes offer postoperative recovery options. Wellness spas and health centers provide an ideal setting, and ‘surgeon and safari packages’ combine medical procedures with sightseeing in the country’s beautiful natural attractions.


  • Language: South Africa’s widespread use of English eliminates language barriers for medical tourists. English speakers are easily found, particularly in major cities, and many private hospitals offer translators for seamless communication, enhancing the overall medical tourism experience.


  • Personalized Services: South African hospitals prioritize personalized services, considering patients’ backgrounds, religions, and beliefs. Dedicated spaces for prayer, preferred food choices, and other facilities contribute to a comfortable and relaxing stay. Round-the-clock registered nurses offer individualized services to enhance patient care.


  • Tourist Attractions: Medical tourists can blend their medical trip with South Africa’s tourist destinations. Cape Town offers attractions like the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Two Oceans Aquarium, and Lion’s Head. Kruger National Park provides a wildlife safari experience, while Stellenbosch offers a peaceful town with wine-tasting cafes, nightclubs, and art galleries.


What Treatments Is South Africa Famous For?


 South Africa is famous for the following treatments:


  • IVF Treatment
  • Heart Surgery

  • Orthopedic Surgery

  • Dentistry

  • Organ transplantation, etc.

  • Cosmetic Surgery


What Are The Options For Cancer Treatment In South Africa?


Three primary treatment options are available for cancer treatment in South Africa – Surgery, Radiotherapy, and Chemotherapy. Depending on the type of cancer, the treatments can be combined to increase the success rate of the treatment. For instance, a person having nasopharyngeal cancer will be suggested to undergo Chemoradiation or Chemoradiotherapy, a combination of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. A person planning for a bone marrow transplant will also undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy to put the body in remission before injecting the stem cells.


Similarly, radiation therapy is given before and after surgery (mastectomy or lumpectomy) to treat breast cancer. This is done to shrink the tumor’s size, making it easy for the surgeon to remove it. Combining treatments can also lead to fewer complications in surgery due to the shrunken tumor size.


Combining two or more treatments to treat cancer has also been proven to provide a more extended period of remission compared to using just one treatment option to treat cancer. This small change can significantly increase the survival rate, thus improving the quality of life.



Which Hospital Is Best For Cancer Treatment In South Africa?


Name of the Hospital City Established Year About
Busamed Paardevlei Private Hospital, Cape Town Cape Town 2015 Busamed Paardevlei Private Hospital is part of the Busamed private hospital group, offering cost-effective, quality healthcare services in South Africa since 2015. With 11 specialties, cutting-edge technologies, and accolades such as the Best Healthcare Provider in 2015, it stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence.
Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt, Cape Town Cape Town 1970 Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt, with over 30 years of dedicated service, is a renowned private hospital in the Western Cape. Known for expertise in surgery and obstetrics, it recently underwent refurbishment, upgrading facilities with modern technologies for accurate diagnosis and treatment, holding a 4-year accreditation from the Council for Health Service Accreditation of South Africa.
Mediclinic Panorama, Cape Town Cape Town 1986 Mediclinic Panorama, established in 1986, is a multi-disciplinary hospital known for its pioneering surgeries and advanced treatments. From Trans-aortic valve replacement to innovative procedures like EXIT and Fetoscopic Laser Treatment, it offers a wide range of specialties, supported by modern technologies such as MRI, CT Scan, and 4D Scans.
Mediclinic Cape Gate & Mediclinic Cape Gate Day Clinic Cape Town 2020 Mediclinic Cape Gate & Mediclinic Cape Gate Day Clinic, the newest private hospital in Brackenfell, started operations in 2020. With 16 beds, it provides comprehensive diagnostic and specialized treatment facilities, including specialities like gynaecology, orthopedics, urology, and more. The hospital received the Katrin Kleijnhans Quality Trophy in 2017.
Mediclinic Milnerton, Cape Town Cape Town 1970 Mediclinic Milnerton, part of the international Mediclinic group, offers a range of services to local and international patients. With specialized clinics like Baby Clinic and Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology, it provides supplementary services like CT Scan and MRI, maintaining a 4-year accreditation from the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa.
Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre, Durban Durban 1970 Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre in Durban, established by the Lenmed Group, is an ultra-modern hospital offering services such as Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, Neurology, Cardiology, and more. Voted as a Top 20 Hospital in South Africa for five consecutive years, it is dedicated to providing expertise and steadfast services.
Lenmed Shifa Hospital, Durban Durban 1970 Lenmed Shifa Hospital, part of the Lenmed Group, provides comprehensive care in Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, Emergency Medicine, and Obstetrics. Voted among South Africa’s Top 20 Hospitals, it emphasizes modern technologies, compassionate staff, and facilities for a successful healing journey. It houses a Surgical Centre of Excellence.
Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital, Durban Durban 2017 Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital, a super-specialty hospital owned by the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa, started operations in 2017. With a bed capacity of 163, it offers treatments in various specialities and boasts speciality clinics, radiology, dialysis, and more. Known for awards and modern facilities, it is a leading tertiary care hospital.
Netcare Jakaranda Hospital, Pretoria Pretoria 1997 Netcare Jakaranda Hospital, a leading super-specialty hospital in Pretoria, focuses on achieving the best patient outcomes. With awards for service excellence, it offers treatments in sub-specialties like cancer, cardiology, burns, and more. The hospital has 130 beds, the latest medical equipment, and a team of qualified doctors and surgeons.
Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital, Pretoria Pretoria 1904 Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital, established in 1904, has evolved into a multi-specialty non-profit hospital. Recognized as a Discovery Top 20 Private Hospital, it offers services in radiology, wound care, cardiology, intensive care, and more. With 181 beds and a 24-hour emergency service, the hospital combines modern facilities with an old-world charm for patient well-being.



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What Is The Cancer Treatment Cost In South Africa?


Depending on the cancer stage, the annual cancer treatment cost in South Africa can touch ZAR 1,000,000 (around USD 53,000). This cost can increase or decrease depending on the type of cancer and the treatment chosen by the patient.


While South Africa is becoming an alternative for medical travelers, India has already cemented its position as one of the most favored medical destinations in the hearts and minds of its travelers. There are several reasons to support this statement, such as:


  • Advanced medical technology
  • Presence of renowned doctors
  • Top healthcare chains
  • Affordable, high-quality treatments
  • Easy availability of ancillary services
  • Large English-speaking population
  • Cultural affinity and availability of various cuisines
  • Wide range of procedures
  • Treatment along with tourism
  • Presence of alternative medicinal systems


Moreover, India offers the same treatment at half the price (INR 1,800,000 or USD 22,000). India is also well-known for offering renowned and breakthrough treatments like bone marrow transplants, CART therapy, etc., for treating various cancers. Cancer treatment in India is one of the most affordable around the world.


Unlike South Africa, the subcontinent has multiple cities providing world-class, affordable healthcare to all, with Chennai leading the list. India is also home to some of the renowned healthcare chains like Apollo Hospitals, Yashoda Hospitals, etc, while having the presence of international chains like Dubai-based DM Healthcare Group. India is also one of the few countries with many JCI-accredited hospitals.


However, what sets India apart is the availability of alternative medicinal systems like Yoga and Ayurveda. The government is doing its bit to promote medical tourism in the country by:


  • Launching schemes to formalize the medical tourism industry
  • Providing provisions for E-visas
  • AYUSH visa for Indian medicinal systems


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FAQs On Cancer Treatment Cost In South Africa


Q: Which are the most common cancers in South Africa?

A: The most common cancers in South Africa are Colorectal, Breast, and Prostate.


Q: Is treatment in India cheaper than in South Africa?

A: Yes, the treatments in India are highly affordable compared to South Africa. Moreover, as India has become a renowned medical destination, the healthcare infrastructure has been developed accordingly to meet the needs of international patients.


Q: Why should I choose India for my treatment?

A: India was ranked 10th in the 2020-2021 Medical Tourism Index (MTI) out of 46 destinations worldwide. The country was also among the world’s top 10 best medical service providers. Moreover, India is known for having world-class healthcare infrastructure, acclaimed medical specialists, and low-cost treatments. However, what sets India apart is the presence of alternative medicinal systems like Ayurveda.

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