Plasma Therapy: Know The Complete Procedure

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Nowadays for the treatment of COVID-19, doctors are using an old method for fighting infectious disease which is called plasma therapy. In this procedure, blood is donated by recovered patients to establish antibodies that fight the infection. Why is it done? How effective has this medical procedure been on COVID patients are questions that this article will shed some light on.


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What Is Plasma Therapy?


It is a medical procedure used by the doctor, the blood of a recovered patient to create antibodies in those infected individuals. This process is medically known as convalescent plasma therapy. This process is used to treat those COVID-19 patients with severe SARS-CoV-2 infection to aid recovery.


Does Plasma Therapy Cure COVID-19?


Currently, it has shown positive results in some cities such as Delhi and Mumbai where COVID cases are spiking high. It has also proven to improve the ability of a person to recover from the disease. However, researchers are still working to prove its full efficacy in different patient types.


How Does Plasma Therapy Work?


This therapy uses antibodies from patients who have completely recovered from the disease COVID-19. Here is how this procedure will fight coronavirus in your body.


Blood is taken from a person who was infected previously but completely recovered patient, the plasma component of that blood is separated and contains the antibodies against the Coronavirus virus. The recovered plasma is injected into an infected person’s body that fight the virus and neutralize it from spreading.


Once the patient has recovered, that patient will also be asked to donate their blood so that their antibodies will be used to treat other infected patients.


The patients are used to check for any existing harmful diseases like Hepatitis B & C including HIV.


The recovered blood will be taken into the study and a researcher will extract plasma from the blood that can be injected into another person who is still infected.



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How To Prepare For Plasma Therapy?


Your doctor will recommend a plasma treatment if it is required for you with your suitable blood type. Here’s how you need to prepare before treatment and what you must do after treatment.


1. Before Treatment


Your healthcare professional will assess your health before you undergo the treatment. This procedure involves a healthcare member who will insert an intravenous/ IV tube into a vein in your arms.


2. During Treatment


The recovered plasma from a recovered infected person will be attached to the IV tube and supplied to you in drips. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete the procedure.


3. After Treatment


Healthcare specialists will be monitored by you and you have to make frequent visits to the hospital for further assessment by the doctor. Depending upon your overall health progress, your healthcare specialist will decide if you require further hospitalization or not.


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What Are The Risks Of Plasma Therapy?


Though this therapy has proved to be effective for COVID patients, it needs to be done under proper medical supervision keeping in mind underlying risks. Here are some potential risks you need to be aware of.


Since this process involves blood transfusion, there could be a risk of transmitting a prevalent virus from a recovered person. Thus, a doctor must assess the recovered person’s health before opting to conduct blood transfusion.


Every human body reacts in different ways to a treatment or medication. This treatment can not be useful for some patients as it can result in the contraction of an infection.



Plasma therapy is one of the prevalent forms of treatment for Covid-19. It is among the best treatments that engagingly help in the replacement of deficient protein and is highly beneficial to healthy and more productive lives. India has shown magnificent success rates under plasma therapy. There are various healthcare facility that provides excellent medical treatment in India.



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