5 Healthy Reasons Why to Donate Blood

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Blood is the most beautiful gift which anyone can give to another person the gift of life. Blood Donation is the kindest thing which every person should do with an owner. With the help of blood donation, we can save anyone’s life, so everyone should donate blood once every 3 months. Blood donation day is celebrated every year on June 14th worldwide.


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Blood donation is called a “Rakt Mahadan”. It not only gives life to many people, but people who do blood donate also have many benefits for their life and health. According to research, it was revealed that donating blood may help you to be physically and mentally fit.



What are the Healthy Reasons to Donate Blood?



There are 5 health benefits of donating blood are:

1. Maintains Healthy Heart & liver


Blood donation is very helpful in reducing the risk of heart and liver ailments caused by the iron overload in the body. Eating rich- iron diet increases the iron levels in the body, and since only limited proportions can be absorbed, excess iron gets stored in heart, liver, and pancreas.



It increases the risk of cirrhosis, liver failure, damage to the pancreas, and heart abnormalities like irregular heart rhythms. Blood donation helps in maintaining iron levels and reduces the risk of various health ailments.

2. Stimulates Blood Cell Production



After blood donation, the body works to replenish the blood loss. This stimulates the production of new blood cells and in turn, helps in maintaining good health.

3. Weight Loss



Blood donation reduces the weight of the donors. This is also helpful to those who are obese and are at higher risk of cardiovascular diseases and other health disorders. However, blood donation should not be very frequent and you may consult your doctor before donating blood to avoid any health issues.

4. Anti- Cancer Benefits



Blood donation helps in reducing the risk of cancer, by donating blood the iron stores in the body are maintained at healthy levels.

5. Giving Blood Can Reveal Potential Health Problems



While it isn’t the same thing as a trip to the doctor, donating blood can be another way to keep an eye on your cardiovascular health. You’ll receive a mini-physical prior to the blood draw, in which someone will check your pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, hemoglobin and more.

The Theme of World Blood Day 2019:



The theme for World Blood Day 2019 is “Safe blood for all” and the campaign will raise awareness about the “universal need for safe blood in the delivery of health care and the crucial roles that voluntary donations play in achieving the goal of universal health coverage.

Why Should We Donate Blood?



A decision to donate the blood can save a life, or even several if your blood is separated into its components red cells, platelets, and plasma which can be used individually for patients with specific conditions.


Safe blood saves lives and improves health. Blood transfusion is needed for:


1. Women with complications of pregnancy, like- ectopic pregnancies and hemorrhage before, during or after childbirth.


2. Children with severe anemia often resulting from malaria or malnutrition.


3. People with severe trauma following man-made and natural disasters.


4. Many complex medical and surgical procedures and cancer patients.


5. It is also needed for regular transfusions for people with conditions such as thalassemia and sickle cell disease and is used to make products such as clotting factors for people with hemophilia.


There is a continual need for regular blood supply because blood can be stored for only a limited time before use. Regular blood donations by an adequate number of healthy people are needed to ensure that safe blood will be available whenever and wherever it is needed.


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What Blood Type is Most Needed?


  • The universal red cell donor has to Type O negative blood.


  • The universal plasma donor has Type AB blood.



What are the Disadvantages of Blood Donate?



The Disadvantages of Blood Donation:


  • Bruising



  • Dizziness


  • Pain


  • Weakness


  • Time




What Should We Eat After Donating Blood?



Before donating blood, you have to prepare your body. It is important to eat iron-rich foods such as red meats, fish, beans, and spinach, drink plenty of water the two days prior to donating, get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy meal 2 hours before the donation.


How Long Does it take to Recover from a Blood Donation?


The plasma from the donation is replaced within about 24 hours. Red cells need about 4 to 6 weeks for complete replacement. That’s why at least 7-8 weeks are required between whole blood donations.





Blood donation is a very helpful thing to be done. It mainly helps the needy people and it also helpful for the healthy body. In the above blog, we have discussed 5 Healthy Reasons Why to Donate Blood. Whenever you get a chance to do this kindly do this, if you are suffering from any illness then consult to your doctor once then take a step.



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