Answering Patient Queries – One At A Time!: Where Can I Get Cheap And Nice Treatment?

We are back with our series of answering patient queries – one at a time! In this fourth part, we will discuss various topics like visa invitation letters, financing your treatment, services and treatments, etc.


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Q: I am arranging funds for the treatment. Can you help me to get the funds?


A: We provide financial assistance by providing high-quality, world-class treatments within an affordable range. We consider your budget while suggesting the hospitals and the treatment packages. Moreover, we can also act as a liaison in getting your insurance approval from the hospital.


Q: Can you pick us up from the airport?


A: Definitely! We provide airport pickup and drops to all our patients while ensuring you face no difficulty in your treatment journey.


Q: Where can we get cheap and friendly treatment? 


A: While there are many destinations like Thailand, Turkey, or Dubai, India stands out in terms of treatment quality and ancillary services. You can quickly get top-notch treatment at cheap rates without compromising the quality. Moreover, you can get quality treatment in India in almost every major city, unlike other countries where medical tourism is restricted to just one or two cities. The presence of significant healthcare chains and stiff competition among them also play a crucial role in keeping the prices cheap for the patients. Furthermore, India has one of the largest English-speaking populations, making it an ideal destination for international medical travelers.


Q: How can you help us in Chennai being there in Delhi? 


A: No matter where we are, we can help you anytime, anywhere! We have our representatives in Chennai, who are highly experienced in efficiently navigating the whole process. Also, they are well-versed with the local language and customs of the city, making you feel at home. Having been in the industry for a long time, our representatives are the most reliable when getting your treatment in Chennai.


Q: Which hospital would you suggest for a specific kind of treatment? 


A: We have a vast network of top-tier hospitals in India and globally. Major hospital chains like Apollo, DM Healthcare, Fortis, etc, are in our directory. While suggesting any hospital for a specific treatment, our medical experts review your medical reports to get a good idea of your health condition. This helps them in the preliminary determination of your treatment. Based on this preliminary analysis, hospitals are decided based on the availability of the particular medical technology and the doctor’s experience.


Q: Where can I get the best service for ENT?


A: There are many hospitals in India providing comprehensive ENT treatment to their patients. We have compiled a list of top ENT hospitals in India that provide world-class ENT treatments at an affordable cost.


Q: I don’t have reports. How can I get an appointment without reports?


A: Your previous medical reports are essential to get an appointment with the doctors in India. But there are exceptions like cosmetic surgery, where the doctor only needs your photograph to perform initial assessments. Moreover, your previous medical reports are a significant requirement for filling out the Indian medical visa application form.



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