Know All About Medical Visa Application Form For India

India is one of the top places in the world for medical treatment, not just in Asia. However, getting a medical visa to India can be challenging if you do not know and follow the correct criteria. This article will teach you everything you need to know about the Medical Visa Application Form For India.


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Read on to know more.


What Is A Medical Visa?


Before knowing everything about the Indian medical visa, let’s brush up on a medical visa. We are sure you would know about it already, but there’s no harm in getting a few things cleared.


A target country issues a medical visa to a person from the origin country visiting the target country for treatment. There are various types of medical visas, like:


  1. Medical Visa (MED) – This visa is issued to international medical travellers for medical consultation or treatment.
  2. Medical Attendant Visa (MED-X) – This visa is given to the person accompanying the international patient holding a valid medical visa for support purposes.
  3. Medical Escort Visa – It is provided to the medical professional (nurses, doctors or paramedics) accompanying a patient during their travel to India.
  4. E-Medical Visa – It is an online facility for eligible countries to streamline the visa application process.


The Medical Visa is a short-term Visa and is valid only for 60 days from the date of entry of the visitor into the country, so you would be eligible for it only if you intend to stay for no more than 60 days at one time. It is also a Triple Entry Visa, which means that the holder of the Indian Medical Visa can enter the country three times within its validity period, which, as mentioned above, is 60 days.


It might be a short-term Visa, but the Medical Visa for India can be obtained three times per year, so if you need to come back to the country for your medical treatment after the first 60 days of your stay in the country, you can apply for it two more times within one year.


Also, one thing worth noting here is that the countdown for the visa begins from the day of issuance and not from the day of entry into India. If the patient needs a visa extension, they must produce a medical certificate and submit it to the state department and Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO). In such cases, their visa will be extended for an additional year.

In this article, we will be explaining all about the Medical Visa Application Form For India step-by-step. Our article will act as a guide for you to successfully fill up your medical visa application form for India.


Requirements For Medical Visa To India


Just like other visas, a medical visa also has many requirements to complete to obtain the visa. These requirements are:


  • An electronic scan of the first page of the visitor’s Passport


  • Copy of the visitor’s recent passport-style color photo to be affixed at the top of the visa application form.


  • A working email address


  • A debit card or a credit card for the payment of the application fees


  • Documentation of Residence


  • Worker identification card


  • Bank statement for the last three months in the name of the applicant or an Affidavit, along with a bank statement of the sponsor who will bear the expenses.


  • Filled out completely and accurately on the application for a medical visa.


  • Preliminary medical advice from your country’s Doctor/Hospital, along with all the investigatory reports


  • return or onward ticket out of the country.


  • Copy of a letter from the Indian Hospital the visitor would be seeking treatment from (VIL).


Citizens of certain countries may require Yellow Fever and Polio vaccination certificate.


Indian Medical Visa Form For India


A paper or regular medical visa form for India consists of various sections like personal details, passport details, family details, visa details, etc. Keep on reading to know the various sections and steps for filling up the form.


Online Visa Application Form


The medical visa application form for India is easily available on the official website of the government of India. You simply have to go to and click on the first option – For regular/paper visa by Indian mission/post. This option will take you to the visa index page (Fig 1).


As you can see in the picture below, you can get your medical visa form for India by following three basic steps – Apply online, Submit Documents and Receiving your visa post fee submission.


medical visa form for India

                                                                        Fig 1. Visa Index


After clicking on the first option, you will be taken to a registration form for the visa application as shown in Fig 2.


Medical Visa Application Form For India

                                                                          Fig. 2 Registration


The online visa application will ask for your basic details such as your country, nationality, e-mail, date of birth, visa type, purpose, date of arrival, etc. Make sure that the date of birth you enter is the same as the one in your official documents. Moreover, the email address you will be adding here will be used for further communication. So add the email address which is accessible to you (eg: password forgotten, no space in the inbox for incoming emails, etc).


After you are done with the basic registration, you will be assigned a temporary application ID of 15 digits. The temporary application ID will be valid till you complete the form. The progress of the application form can also be saved. You can easily enter the temporary application ID and pick up from where you had left.


The next step involves filling up the applicant details form as seen in Fig. 3&4. This section of the form has two major parts – applicant details and passport details.


medical visa application form for india

                                                                 Fig. 3 Applicant Details


This section includes your full name as shown in your passport, gender, city of birth, national ID number, religion, educational qualifications, etc. The section also asks whether you have ever changed your name or not. If yes, you will have to furnish all the relevant details.


medical visa application form for india

                                                                                     Fig. 4


As seen in Fig 4, the next part of this section will require details of your passport such as, your passport number, place and date of issue, expiry date, etc. If you have a secondary passport or a passport-equivalent identification certificate, you will be asked to give all the details of that as well.


Coming to the next section, you will now be filling all the details related to your residence and family. Seeing fig. 5, 6 & 7, family details form consists of three parts – applicant’s address details, family details, and occupation details.


medical visa application form for india

                                                                   Fig. 5 Family Details


In the first part, you will be filling your full house address. If your present address and permanent address are different, you will have to fill them separately, as seen in fig. 5 of the medical visa application form for India.


Scrolling the form further, we come to fig.6. In this part, you will have to fill details about your parents’ name, birth place, date of birth, etc. This section also asks about your marital status. Furthermore, if have any lineage to Pakistan or Pakistan held area, you will have to disclose the details in this section of the medical visa application form for India.


medical visa application form for india

                                                                                       Fig. 6


The last part of this section is about occupation details of the applicant. If you look at fig. 7, you will see the details, such as present occupation, name of the employer, address, etc are also asked in the medical visa application form for India. If you have or have had been in security organizations like military or police, you will have to give all the details.


medical visa application form for india

                                                                                   Fig. 7


Finally, coming to the main part! The visa details form section of medical visa application form for India consists of four major parts – details of visa sought, previous or currently valid visa details, SAARC country visit details, and reference. (As seen in fig. 8, 9 & 10).


medical visa application form for India

                                                                        Fig. 8 Visa Details


For the first part, you will be required to fill in regarding the hospital in your country of residence and India like name, address, doctor’s name, etc. Then you will have to fill out the details regarding your illness, duration of visa in months, etc. The validity of your visa will start from the day your visa is issued.


medical visa application form for India

                                                                                    Fig. 9


Fig. 9 shows the second part. If you have visited India before, you will have to fill out the details of your previous visit like cities previously visited, visa validity, type of visa, etc. You also have to mention whether your previous Indian visa application for visiting or extension was rejected or not, along with the countries you have visited in the last ten years.


medical visa application form for India

                                                                                Fig. 10


The last part of this section includes details about your visit to SAARC countries within the last three years and your reference to India. If you choose GoMedii as your health travel partner, you can fill in our details in the references part. We would be more than happy to assist you in your treatment journey, from the beginning to the end.


Following the submission of all the relevant details, a small questionnaire will be presented to you asking about criminal record (if any), deportation or whether you have sought asylum, as seen in fig. 11. If your answer is yes for any of these questions, you will have to add relevant details to the form with respect to the same.


medical visa application form for India

                                                                         Fig. 11 Questionnaire


After you are done with filling up the details, upload your photograph according to the specifications shown in fig. 12. You can also save your form and upload the image later. Also, make sure that the photograph is according to the given specifications lest your medical visa application form for India gets rejected.


Medical Visa Application Form For India

                                                                   Fig. 12 Upload Photograph


One you are done with the above steps for filling your medical visa application form for India, confirm all the details that you have submitted. Read the application form atleast two to three times to make sure there are no mistakes. Half of the visa application forms get rejected because of silly mistakes.

Refer to fig. 13 & 14 to see how your details will be shown before the final submission.


Medical Visa Application Form For India

                                         Fig 13 Confirm details


Medical Visa Application Form For India

                                                         Fig. 14


Once you have submitted your medical visa application form for India, your application number will be generated which you can use to book appointments or track your visa processing. Refering to fig. 15, you will have to take a proper printout of the application, take an appointment and submit it to the concerning Indian mission or agency for the processing of your visa application.


Medical Visa Application Form For India

                                                                  Fig. 15 Confirmation


The medical visa application form for India has to be submitted in person at your concerned Indian mission. The mode of fee payment varies from mission to mission. While some Indian missions accept online payments, others may only accept payment in cash. For this information, visit the official website of the concerned Indian mission or the agency.



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Assistance Provided By GoMedii To International Patients


GoMedii India will gladly assist you in obtaining an Indian Medical visa. Apart from providing assistance in filling up the medical visa application form for India, we also assist in various other services, such as:


  • Personalized care and support to our patients


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  • Assistance in getting a letter inviting you to the suggested hospital for a visa.


  • Health management (health wallet – click here to avail of the facility).


  • Schedule appointments with medical facilities and practitioners across India to obtain multiple medical opinions.


  • Provide support with the hospital’s billing, payments, and system issues.


  • Considering patients’ financial constraints, arranging suitable accommodations, and providing information on affordable flight options to ensure medical tourists can travel to India with appropriate arrangements.


  • Arranging facilities such as air ambulance, and interpreter for the patient, if required.


  • Airport and other commute services


  • Local SIM card assistance


  • Arranging FOREX services for the patient and their family


  • Medicine and prescription fulfillment


  • Assisting in easy discharge


  • Providing tour management services post-treatment


  • Arranging for post-treatment follow-up care


  • Insurance and financing assistance


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