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Paronychia can come about because of chew or biting the nails, yet it is more normal when working conditions require the hands to be now and again wet or exposed to chemicals. Today, we will talk about the paronychia treatment, causes, and symptoms. Most instances of paronychia are not severe, you don’t need to worry about it we will tell you what exactly it is.


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What Is Paronychia?



It is a skin infection around the nail of at the minimum one finger or toe. Paronychia typically grows around the border of the nail at the top or sides. Skin infection causes swelling, inflammation, and pain around the nail area. Due to this containing pus can also develop. There are two types of paronychia acute or chronic. It depends on the duration, speed of onset, and the infecting agents.


Acute Paronychia


This infection nearly develops around the nails of the finger. Acute paronychia is generally the result of injury or damage to the skin around the nails from picking, biting, manicures, hangnails, or other physical trauma conditions. For this Enterococcus and Staphylococcus bacteria are common infecting agents.


Chronic Paronychia


It may occur on the toes or fingers, and it develops slowly. It usually lasts for several weeks and after some time it comes back. Chronic paronychia develops due to more than one infecting agent, often Candida yeast and bacteria are the causes. It is more common in those people who’re continuously working in water.

It can occur at any age and you don’t need to worry about it paronychia treatment is available.


Symptoms Of Paronychia


Symptoms of paronychia are types of different skin infections. The other symptoms directly affect your nail itself. It includes:


  • Puss between skin and nail



  • Tenderness, redness, and swelling around the nail


  • The nail separating from the nailbed


  • Damage or deformation to the nail


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Cause Of Paronychia


This infection can develop when the skin around the nail becomes damaged, because of this germs can also enter. Some fungi or bacteria can cause paronychia. The most common causes are Streptococcus pyogenes and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.


Causes of skin damage around the nail include:


  • Chewing or biting the nails


  • Clipping the nails too short with a nail cutter


  • Manicures


  • Too much moisture in the hands, including continuously sucking the finger ingrown nails.


How It Is Diagnosed?



In many cases, to diagnose paronychia doctor can simply by observing it. Sometimes doctors may also send a sample of the infection or pus from your affected area to a lab if treatment doesn’t seem to be helping. The test will help determine the exact infecting agent and also allow the doctor to suggest the best paronychia treatment.


Know The Paronychia Treatment



Most people are trying home paronychia treatment and it is often very successful in mild cases. In some cases you have a collection of pus under the skin around your nail, if you have then you can soak the infected area in the warm water several times during a day and dry it thoroughly afterward. The soaking will encourage the area to drain on its own. Your doctor may also recommend an antibiotic to reduce the infection.


Sometimes patients can also need to have abscesses drained of fluids or blisters to relieve pain and speed healing. But this should be done by your doctor if there is a need and it also depends on the situation. In case you have chronic paronychia then it is difficult to treat. In this case, you have to talk to your doctor because home treatment isn’t working. A doctor will recommend an antifungal medication and also advise keeping the area dry. In more severe cases, surgery is to remove part of your nail. In other topical treatments that block swelling can also be used.




Paronychia treatment is easily available but before the treatment doctor will examine the condition and then they will take any decision. If you want to avoid this then you have to develop a good habit of hygiene. This habit helps to keep your hands and feet clean to prevent bacteria from getting between your nails and skin.


You have to avoid excessive exposure to water and wet environments, avoid extra cuts with your nail cutter, biting, manicures or pedicures can also help you to prevent acute infections.


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