Is There a Permanent Cure for Arthritis?

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Our bones and joints are the base on which the entire skeleton and shape our body is built. If it in any way damaged or you have discomfort with that regard, it might cause a great deal of attention to be given. In the case of Arthritis, there are many questions if the treatment is permanent or not. We would address this problem of what is the permanent cure for arthritis? Well, for many of the types there is no permanent cure.


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Is There a Permanent Cure for Arthritis?


In one of the observations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ” there are many kinds of arthritis and there is no cure for most types. However, they say that “Early diagnosis and appropriate management are important, especially for inflammatory types of arthritis.” For example, early use of disease-modifying drugs, and especially biologic drugs can affect the course of rheumatoid arthritis. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment can make a difference in pain and joint damage.”



Symptoms of Arthritis.


There are some of these symptoms you should look of arthritis when you are finding answers of a permanent cure for arthritis. While these can be common, you should never ignore it and meet your concerned doctors:




  • Swelling


  • Redness


  • Decreased range of motion



There are various answers by doctors who say that “permanent cure of arthritis” also depends upon the fact what type of arthritis are you dealing with. One of the answers says ” There are many different types of arthritis. When someone speaks about a ‘cure’ for arthritis, you must take into account the type of arthritis. For example, there are several types of arthritis caused by infection, including Lyme disease and bacterial arthritis. Both can be cured by antibiotics. Arthritis due to a virus, such as Parvovirus, is a self-limited condition (i.e., runs its course without treatment). Gout is a type of arthritis that can be put into remission by lowering the uric acid enough so that gout crystals do not precipitate in the joints and cause inflammation. Lowering uric acid can be done by avoiding foods high in purines or by medication, such as allopurinol. While symptoms may never return, this is not a true cure because if the patient goes off their diet or stops taking medication, arthritis returns.”



Diagnosis of Arthritis


The general diagnosis is through physical examination by the doctor by checking the swollen joints, and redness of the area. It only takes a serious case that is not able to be detected that the use of labs is done. Under the laboratory options, there are many imaging processes, like X-ray and CT scans of the parts that you complain of having the pain. Other ways also include ultrasound and MRIs.


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Treatments of Arthritis


While you are busy finding answers to the question, if there is any permanent cure for arthritis, there are some treatments that are available to ease the pain.


1) Medication: While medication is an easy way out. They will only give momentary relief as the course of medicines are really long and till you take them you will be fine.



2) Therapy: Many physiotherapies have helped the people ease the pain, though they have not been cured as such. Yet, it is preferred to ask your doctor if you could opt for one of these therapies.



3) Surgeries: There are different surgeries that might and can lead to joint repair and in some cases even joint replacement is possible.



Some of us might be able to cure ourselves of the frequent pain from arthritis, however, it is difficult to get permanent cure of arthritis as there is none, until as mentioned above we only have it in case of those caused by bacteria and viruses. Yet, there are no worries as we are here to guide you through the journey and you can contact our experts anytime.


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