Importance of correct postures for a better spine

Anju Bisht

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Since childhood, we were asked to maintain correct postures for a better spine. Yet, we never cared. Actually, we did, when the class teacher uses to instruct us about the correct posture. And the whole class attentively straightens their spines. Well, they were all happy memories.


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A correct posture is a lot more than a person’s manner to present oneself. Yes, correct posture does affect one’s physical as well as mental well being. Subsequently, we’ll discuss things that your mind is searching for. Read ahead to collect a handful of ways to better your spine.


Importance of correct postures for a better spine


A correct posture keeps your spine intact. Your spine keeps the whole body in alignment and balance. It facilitates the proper transmission of information between the body and the brain. Indecent posture can deteriorate the health of the spine over time. Continuation of the same will end up harming the nervous system and will further head up causing;


  • Misalignment of your musculoskeletal system,
  • Spine to become fragile and prone to injury
  • Reduction in flexibility
  • Indigestion
  • Neck, shoulder, and back pain



Ways to improve postures for a better spine


To avoid such problems mentioned above, inhere we’re sharing a list of ideas to improve your posture in general, while sitting or standing.



1. Let’s begin with improving posture for a better spine “In general”


  • Ensure the correct posture while indulging in regular activities like watching tv, walking, or studying.


  • Lash up your shoes to strengthen your core, as in muscles around the back, abdomen, and pelvis. Exercise is the best way to improve your posture.



  • Look for comfy and low heel shoes as it harms your posture.


  • While sitting at your work station, dinner table or study table, ensure that the height is according to your comfort.



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2. Next head to improving postures for a better spine while sitting


The generation now spends most of their time sitting, either they are youngsters or children. In that case, ensure a proper posture and often give yourself a break.


  • Do not gum yourself with a chair, take a brief walk either you are at home or at the workplace.


  • Keep on switching position shortly.



  • Place your foot on the floor, or use a footrest. But avoid crossing legs.


  • Keep your elbows close to your body and relax your shoulders in a way they can form 90 degrees.


  • Give your back support either with a pillow or with other supporters.


  • Your thigh and hips must also be supported.



3. Finally, look at the correct postures for a better spine when standing



  • Make sure to stand straight, do not form slumping postures.


  • Your shoulders must stay back.


  • Pull in your stomach.


  • Your weight must be on the padded portion of the sole.


  • Your head must level straight.


  • Keep your hands and feet at your shoulder-width apart.


With practice, you can maintain correct postures for a better spine. Look and feel better with the correct posture.


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