Pregnancy Test Kit : When and How to Use It

Divya Tripathi

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Planning for pregnant! If Yes, missed period, and the first thing comes in your mind that am I pregnant? To confirm your curiosity you can take a test at your home. The pregnancy test kit usage method is very simple, This blog will help you to know the detail about the same.


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Symptoms of pregnancy


You may suspect that you are pregnant if you have missed your period or have other symptoms of pregnancy. If you have regular periods and have missed your period by a week, it is likely that you are pregnant. However, if you have an irregular menstrual cycle, look out for other symptoms of pregnancy.


The other symptoms of pregnancy include:



  • Tummy bloatedness



  • Nausea/vomiting


  • Frequent urination



  • Fainting spells/ giddiness


  • Constipation​



  • Leg cramps


Working of Pregnancy Test Kit


The home pregnancy test kit is used to detect a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine. hCG appears in a pregnant woman’s urine, around 20 days after her last menstrual period. The levels of the hormone rise rapidly, reaching a peak within the next 60 to 80 days.


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Pregnancy Test Kit Usage Method


Here are some pregnancy kit usage tips, you should keep these tips in your mind:


  • Try to perform the pregnancy test first thing in the morning for optimal results, well, it is not mandatory, but it would be helpful.


  • Pregnancy test kits are usually stored in the refrigerator. Try to make sure you bring the test kit to room temperature before you use it.


  • Collect urine in a clean container. Ensure that there is no detergent inside the container.


  • Take out a little urine with a dropper and put just two drops in the circular test well. Do not spill urine on the reading strip.


  • Wait for around three to five minutes and then read the test results. Try to read the result before the stipulated time or waiting too long.


How do I Interpret the Results After the Pregnancy Test Kit Usage?


  • Look at the test kit where ‘C’ and ‘T’ are marked. ‘C’ indicates control and ‘T’ indicates the test sample.


  • If only one pink/purple line appears, in the region marked ‘C’, it means that the pregnancy test is negative.


  • Whether two pink/purple lines appear, one in the region marked ‘C’ and the other in the region marked ‘T’, it means that the pregnancy test is positive.


  • If no bands appear, then the test is invalid. Repeat the test with a new pack after 72 hours.


  • If the line formed in the ‘T’ region is faint, it can be because of low levels of the hCG hormone. In case of a faint line, repeat the test with a new pack after 72 hours.




Here we have discussed the pregnancy test kit usage, you can test your pregnancy at your home without any hassle. After the confirmation, you can go to your gynecologist for further treatment.


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