How to Safely Buy Medicines Online?

Tanuja Bisht

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Safely Buy Medicines Online


We all know the boom of online services we are getting nowadays such as for food we have ‘Zomato’ or ‘Foodpanda’ for transport we have ‘Ola’ or ‘Uber.’ But do you know anything about online pharmacies from where we can buy medicines online?


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Yes, online pharmacy or marketplace help me buy medicines online. So for this, I have a story for all of you.


I always wanted an easy way to have medicines from my nearby pharmacy delivered to my doorstep.


One day when I was looking for an app to order medicines online where I found so many websites for the same. But you won’t believe I was worried about the medicines, the procedure, and its delivery.


I think my queries were genuine because purchasing over-the-counter medications on the Internet from an organization you don’t know is good for you because you may not know exactly what you’re getting.


For this purpose, I conclude some points on which I was quite sure to buy medicines online, such as the website should work lawfully and offer comfort, security, and shields for buying online medications.


However, there are some numerous “rebel sites” that offer you hazardous medications that have not been checked for security or adequacy.


With this experiment, I concluded the following points:



Signs of a trustworthy online website:



  • It should be located in India.


  • It should have a licensed pharmacist that are available to answer your quarries or questions.


  • The website should provide medicines based on doctor’s prescription.




Signs of an unsafe website:


  • The website sends you drugs with unknown quality or origin.


  • The website gives you the wrong drug or another dangerous product for your illness.


  • The website doesn’t provide a way to contact the website by phone or email.


  • The website offers prices that are dramatically lower than the competition.


  • The website may not protect your personal information.



There is nothing best as to buy online medicine from the store or from the best shopping site.


It depends on one’s needs, choices, preferences etc. The comparison can be done in the terms of its products availability, discounts offered by the website, delivery speed, return policies, genuine medicines, product quality etc.


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Depending on the city you are residing in, you may get some local as well as global players in the field of medicine. In my perception, GoMedii is the best healthcare marketplace that connects its customers with the nearby trusted pharmacy.


The process is to upload a valid prescription that has Doctor Name, Doctor Medical Registration Number, Patient Name, Age, Gender, Date, Hospital and Clinic Name, Doctor’s Signature, List of Medicines (with dosage & duration).

Buy medicine online

With this simple process, I get my medicines within 4 hours on my doorstep.





As we all know that several online pharmacies are offering you to buy medicines online. But the best thing about GoMedii is they provide you medicines from your neighborhood pharmacy which you like the most within 4 hours on your doorsteps. So, I suggest you all check out the GoMedii app and buy medicines online.



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Live Healthy, Stay Healthy…

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