Seizures: Learn How To Tackle This Brain Disorder

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The brain works with the help of electric impulses, these impulses are conducted through the help of neurons. The seizures are the disturbance and abruption to the constantly working electric circuit of the brain. These disturbances can cause severe problems like loss of control over the rest of the body, confusion, and tremors.


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What are Seizures?


Seizures are the neurological disorder that causes the slight or severe effect on the regular mechanism of the body. These conditions are aroused due to the recognizable disturbance in the electrical circuit of the brain. These electrical disturbances in the brain can be extremely sudden and unpredictable.

The seizures can be frequent and recurrent, the rapidly occurring disturbances can give birth to a much severe condition that is epilepsy. The phenomenon of the abruption can vary in case of duration as some of them last for only a few moments that are 20-30 seconds whereas some can be extended to more 5 minutes which is the clear indication of an emergency.

What are the Seizures Symptoms?


The symptoms are majorly recognizable and visible to the people who suffer from it. However, the signs and symptoms can be delayed in some cases but after a course of time, they are visible. The prime symptoms are mentioned below:



  • Loss of consciousness or awareness


  • Cognitive or emotional symptoms, such as fear, anxiety or deja vu


  • Change of vision


  • Confusion


  • Staring spell


  • Jerking movements


Often, the symptoms of breakdowns can occur before the seizure strikes the brain which is called pre-symptoms. Such symptoms can be an urge to bite tongue, falling, frailness, and mood changes.


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What are the Types of Seizures?


The seizures are categorized into various classifications that are depended on the duration of the occurrence and the distinctive signs and symptoms. Generally, these are divided into two categories that are Focal and Generalized.


1. Focal Seizures


As the term states, this kind of seizure is not maximized to the multiple parts of the brain. These electric disturbances are focused on a particular range of the brain and cause symptoms that manageable and easily handled. The focal seizure is further categorized into two types.


  •  Focal seizures with impaired awareness: In this condition, the person might suffer from loss of vision comfort and could lose the consciousness and awareness.


  • Focal seizures without loss of consciousness: In this case, the consciousness is not entirely lost, but the ability to lose the ability of motor functions like the look, feel, taste, smell, or sound.


2. Generalized Seizures


These kind are not focused at any part of the brain. Apparently, the generalized seizures strike at the various parts of the brain. There are further multiple kinds of generalized seizures which are mentioned below.


  • Absence: These are also termed as petit mal seizures. Such kind of disturbances can cause staring in the space and lip-smacking, which is generally aroused in children.


  • Tonic: The back muscles and leg muscles are generally stiffed in this case with the slight loss of consciousness.


  • Atonic: These breakdowns are generally called drop seizures which are followed by a loss of control and ultimately collapse or fall.


  • Clonic: In this case, the neck, face, and arms are generally affected along with rhythmic and repetitive strikes.


  • Myoclonic: These are categorized with jerks or twitches in the arms and legs.


  • Tonic-clonic: These are considered as one of the most chronic ones as various parts of the body are affected. The abrupt loss of consciousness, body stiffening and shaking, and sometimes loss of bladder control or biting your tongue is mostly found in the patient.



What is the Seizure Treatment?


The seizures are often chronic and quite common as well. The treatment for these breakdowns is entirely based on the recognization of the severity of the disturbance by realizing the type of the seizure. The treatment procedure is generally conducted through medication, nerve stimulation, and surgery.

The surgery is conducted in case of severity when the breakdowns won’t stop occurring and they occur frequently. Although, the ketogenic diet and efficient sleep routine is the best way to prevent the occurrence of the seizures.




The prime causes behind seizures in adults for the first time are generally lack of sleep, alcohol abuse, high fever or chronic brain condition whereas in children the improper sleep pattern and fever are the causes. It is better to eliminate the prime causing factors to avoid these chronic brain disorder and consume a good healthy diet.


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