Headache In Teenagers: Know The Ways To Improve It

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Headaches don’t mean just a pain in your head. It can have lots of things like a feeling of sharp pain, dull ache, or throbbing in various areas of your head. Such pain can also affect your neck as well as the face. We generally see that a headache is a common problem in adults.


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It can occur due to different reasons like stress. However, headaches are one of the most common problems reported by children and teenagers. Nearly 75% of children have reported having a significant headache by the age of 15.


Simple Ways to Improve Headaches in Teenager:


Know these simple ways to improve headaches in teenager and help them to avoid tension headaches by following these tips:




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Take out some free time from your busy schedule, and try to relax. Spend some good time with your family and try to manage your stress from family, friends, work, or school.


Eat a balanced diet


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As we all know diet plays an important role to stay healthy. Usually, teenagers try to skipping meals, and not eating a nutritious diet. Ask them to avoid this habit as it can contribute to headaches in teenagers.


Get enough sleep


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Nowadays teenagers are very fond of using mobile, they use their phones till late at night. Ask your grown-up kid to unplug from electronics and go to bed at a decent time each night.


Exercise your body


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Exercise plays an important role to maintain your overall health. Exercise helps you to reduces your stress and helps you sleep better. Your body releases a hormone called endorphins during exercise that are body’s natural painkillers.


Exercise your eyes


Headache In Teenagers, Ways to Improve Headaches in Teenager, Causes of Headaches in Teenagers, Acute Headache, Cluster headaches, Migraine headaches


Yes, you heard right exercise your eyes. Eye strain is one of the most common causes of headaches in teenagers. As we these teenagers are started spend more time staring at screens. So, it’s become important to give our eyes a break. Give a break to your eyes after every 20 minutes.


Use heat or ice


Headache In Teenagers, Ways to Improve Headaches in Teenager, Causes of Headaches in Teenagers, Acute Headache, Cluster headaches, Migraine headaches


To reduce headache you can apply heat to your head, for that you can use a heating pad or an ice pack (wrapped in a towel) to sore muscles. A hot bath or shower can also be helpful to reduce headaches.


Watch your posture


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Right, posture plays an important role to manage headaches. You can try and keep your back and shoulders straight while sitting and walking.


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Other Serious Causes of Headaches in Teenagers


Your teen may also experience other types of headaches.


Acute Headache


Acute headaches occur due to some illness, cold, infection, or fever. But such types of headaches occur caused by tension. Headaches due to illness can cause sharp or throbbing pain in the neck, head, or face. OTC pain relievers can help to treat it and usually go away once the medical problem is treated.


Cluster headaches


Such types of headaches start quickly and they give severe pain. It occurs mostly around one eye but can spread across your head, face, neck, and shoulders. Such types of headaches happen in “cluster periods” that can last weeks or months. These are rare and can be treated with medicine.


Migraine headaches


Migraine headaches are one of the most common types of headaches. It can lead to moderate to severe pain and throbbing in both sides as well as the front of the head. While experiencing such pain your teen may feel some dizziness, fever, blurred vision, stomach upset, and even vomiting. Sensitivity to light smells, and noise is also some common symptoms of migraine.


Talk to your doctor about the treatment options for headaches in teenagers. Avoid the triggers of migraine, such as lack of sleep, environmental changes, certain foods, or stress. If you know what triggers them, you can help your teen try to avoid getting a migraine.


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