Stop Putting Your Eyes Through Digital Eye Strain!

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It is said, that “eyes meet the beauty” but what if they are struggling from the digital strain? Most of us do not think about the digital eye strain that we let our eyes go through every single day. We tend to take them for granted and indulge in long hours of looking at a computer screen or the mobile phone. What are the symptoms that tell you about your eye strain? What causes the eye strain and how you can prevent it? All will be discussed in a great deal.


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What is Digital Eye Strain?


Digital eye strain is about the difficulty that is faced by the eyes because of two or more hours of digital device use. There are various available devices that can cause digital eye strain, including televisions, desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, and gaming devices and mostly when one tries to juggle between two devices.



Symptoms of Digital Eye Strains:


There is some observation made by The Vision Council has shown “that 59 percent of people who routinely use computers and digital devices experience symptoms of digital eye strain (also called computer eye strain or computer vision syndrome).”



  • Eyes seem to strain: You usually feel that your eyes are always “tired”.


  • Headaches: You have frequent headaches that you might suffer and complain about.


  • Blurred vision: There is difficulty in vision and you are not able to see properly or clearly.


  • Dry eyes: You feel that your eyes are getting dry due to continuous use of devices.


  • Neck and shoulder pain: This might be common symptoms, but if clubbed with regular complain of vision can be due to digital eye strain.


How is Digital Eye Strained Diagnosed?


Eyes examination is among the first attempt to diagnose the patients who complain about the above-mentioned symptoms. There are otherwise the following ways:



  • Patient history: To check if the patients have in the past suffered any eye problems.


  • Visual Acuity Measurements: To check the amount of damage that might have occurred.


  • Refraction Test: It is done to determine the appropriate lens power needed to compensate for any refractive errors



In order to obtain a clear, single image of what is being viewed, the eyes must effectively change focus, move and work in unison. This testing will look for problems that keep your eyes from focusing effectively or make it difficult to use both eyes together.


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Tips to Getting Rid of Digital Eye Strain:


With all this, one must think about the tips to get away from this problem. The name as it suggests “Digital eye strain” in its self is an indication that you have to keep yourself away from the electronic screens as much as possible. Avoiding them is a must! Yet we are aware that it is not possible in this hi-tech world. So what do we do? Try taking smaller steps and see if they are working or not. To solve your problems, you can always consult an expert. We still give you some easy tips.



Keep some distance: Position the device you use at a place so there is sufficient distance between your eyes and the screen.



Reduce glare: Not everything bright is gold worthy. Similarily reduce the brightness of your screen by checking the device’s control setting.



Eye Exam: Get an eye exam to be sure that the condition you are facing is not more than a Digital eye strain.



Blink Blink! : It is important to blink more often while using screens. Do not just with straight eyes stare at the screen.



Anti-glare glasses: You know that glare is harmful and you cannot avoid it, so try wearing on an anti-glare glass to protect your eyes.



Frequent breaks and eye exercise: Take breaks between the use of the screens and if you love rolling your eyes, do it more often!



The least you are in contact with screens the better it is for you. Eyes are an important sensory organ that has to be taken care of. Digital eye strain might lead to severe eye damage. Hence, as soon as you feel that there are symptoms, try making changes in your lifestyle. You can always find help here, at our site.


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