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Eye strain (or asthenopia) is defined as a condition of the eye that manifests through nonspecific symptoms like pain in or around the eyes, headache, fatigue and double vision. People Also Read: How to Protect Your Family From Eye Infections

These symptoms may also occur after computer work, reading and other close activities that involve tedious visual tasks.

Causes Of Eye Strain:

It can be due to specific visual problems like binocular vision problems. It can be also caused by the viewing of monitors of phones or computers for prolonged periods of time.

Treatment Of Eye Strain:

Several doctors suggest that preventive measures are the easiest ways for treating eye strain like taking breaks from activities that cause eye strain.

There are certain treatments for the condition like relaxing eyes in a dark room and use of cool compresses which can also provide eye relaxation.

Types of Eye Strain:

  1. Astigmatism: A condition of refractive error that causes blurred vision.
  2. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS): CVS causes due to focusing the eyes on a for uninterrupted and protracted periods of time.

Tips For Computer Eye Strain:

Computer eye strain has become a major job-related complaint among almost all across the world. Several studies show that eye strain and other visual symptoms occur between 60-90% of computer workers.

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Computer eye strain can range from physical fatigue, increased numbers of work errors, and decreased productivity to minor annoyances like red eyes and eye twitching.

Easy Steps For Reducing The Risk Of Computer Eye Strain:

The following steps are for computer eye strain and other common symptoms related to computer vision syndrome (CVS);

  • Getting a comprehensive eye exam: Routine comprehensive eye exam is the easiest way to treat or prevent computer vision problems.
  • Using proper lighting: Using excessively bright light or outdoor sunlight can cause eye problems.
  • Minimize glare: Reflections on the computer screen also can cause computer eye strain so using anti-glare screen is better options for minimizing reflections.
  • Upgrading display: Replacing old tube-style monitor with a flat-panel liquid crystal display
  • Adjusting computer display settings such as its brightness, text size and contrast and color temperature
  • Blinking more often while working on the computer to prevent eye dryness and irritation.
  • Doing eyes exercises
  • Taking frequent breaks
  • Modifying workstation
  • Considering computer eyewear

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), computer users should go for an eye exam before start working on the computer.[People Also Like: What is Respiratory Syncytial Virus?]

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