Know the Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance – By Dr. Vineet Surana



Sometimes we never understand some of the body changes and just seem to ignore it until an alarm rings in the back of our mind. These happen because we have no idea about what causes those changes. It is not really different for men and women. It is somewhat similar. It becomes important that you understand the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, to not fall prey at the end of the story.


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It might be important to know why is there so much stress to make sure that our hormones are in place? Why are hormones important? Well, the answer is the multi-tasking that is done by them in our body. These include the balancing and regulation of various systems in the body like


• Metabolism and appetite

Heart rate

Sleep cycles

• Reproductive cycles and sexual function

• General growth and development

• Mood and stress levels

• Body temperature



Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance


You can always go for a health checkup to be sure about your own body if you feel you are suffering from any of these symptoms. The following symptoms are for both men and women.



Might have trouble sleeping at night


You tend to feel uncomfortable and also hard to fall asleep. Struggle to get out of bed, even after seven to nine hours of sleep.



Caffeine intake to help get through the morning


Caffeine intakes become abnormally high and you take the dose more than once in a day, usually in the morning as well as during the afternoon.



You get angry as well as hungry more often


You tend to have worst mood swings and it is hard to lower your temper when there is something wrong with your hormones.



Reduced sex drive and other problems


Hormones affect the reproductive system the most, in men they can suffer from low sexual drive, low sperm count and even erectile dysfunction. In women, cysts and infection are the most common.



Muscle Mass changes


Men tend to reduce muscle while some of the observation has shown that women tend to gain weight. The hormonal imbalance affects your body in diverse ways and hence requires quick attention to the situation. Though there is no specification, weight loss and gain happen when there is an imbalance of hormones.



When talked specifically about the two genders, while the hormonal imbalance in woman causes reproductive and health issues, men also suffer from various threats that also include some types of cancers.


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Tips to Prevent the Hormonal Imbalance


So, the question next to answer is what to do to prevent the hormonal imbalance if we feel that we are suffering from symptoms of hormonal imbalance?



1) Choose a healthy lifestyle:


Eat well, Sleep well! You need to take off when you sleep and how you eat. A proper healthy routine is a must to keep hormones in balance.



2) Keep your mind at peace:


It is necessary that your mind is healthy to keep your body healthy. Do not take unnecessary stress, as it triggers some hormones to start acting abnormally.



3) Foot habits:


One should not overeat or undereat. Our body needs a certain level of food and energy and if it does not receive that, then problems are faced.



4) Food Choices:


We tend to munch on everything tasty and junk. A lot of this food affects our body in many ways and one of the foremost is them affecting our hormones.



5) Natural substances:


Including healthy natural fats in your diet and avoiding unhealthy trans fats can help reduce insulin resistance and stimulate the production of hormones that help control appetite.



Symptoms of hormonal imbalances should never be ignored. It is because of the hormonal changes that we have various reactions in our body and that is how each of our body function works. If it is a critical case of hormonal imbalance, we suggest you consult with our health experts in this regard. We are always available to clear your doubt.


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About Dr. Vineet Surana: Dr. Vineet Kumar Surana is endocrinologist and diabetologist with Manipal Hospitals. He has done his MD from Maulana Azad Medical College and DM in Endocrinology from AIIMS, New Delhi. He has 7 years experience in the field of Endocrinology.

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