Benefits of Using Tulsi For Hormonal Imbalance

Tanuja Bisht

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Today let’s talk about the benefits of using tulsi for hormonal imbalance. Tulsi acts as a herbal remedy that is used in Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient form of developing traditional medicine in India.


The herb is similar to other kinds of basil herbs in terms of taste and looks. Tulsi is used to give flavor to Indian cuisine, but it mostly it’s appreciated for its medicinal properties.



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One of its medicinal properties is powerful adaptogenic behavior, which influences hormone balance and function. Consult an herbalist or practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine regarding the potential benefits and side effects of taking tulsi.


Hormones play a very important part of our body. They affect our health more than we can realize.


Hormones take part in the majority of processes in our body. However, our hormones are not usually balanced so ultimately hormonal imbalances are a fairly common problem.


The changes in hormones like estrogen are the main causes of hormonal imbalance.


The changes in these hormones usually occur during pregnancy, menstruation, puberty, and menopause. Moreover, there are some factors like lack of sleep, birth control pills, adrenal exhaustion, toxins and chemicals such as pesticides, advancing age, too much or too little exercise, stress, and poor diet can affect the hormonal balance as well in our body.


The common symptoms of hormonal imbalance are insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, weight problems, mood swings, irritability, and others.




Why Actually Is Tulsi Important?


Tulsi is also known as Ocimum sanctum, or the holy basil that has been used medicinally in India.


Due to its reputation for improving a wide-spectrum of conditions, ailments, and symptoms.


Tulsi is also nicknamed as the “Queen of all Herbs” in most regions of India. Tulsi represents several medicinal properties and is commonly used as a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and an adaptogen.


Adaptogens are substances that have the ability to reduce stress levels by boosting immune response and balancing hormone levels.



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What is Hormone Imbalance?


Hormone imbalance is a cause of many conditions and symptoms, particularly those that afflict women as they age.



Menstrual problems, weight gain, fatigue, mood changes, hot flashes, insomnia, reduced libido, inflammation and diffuse musculoskeletal pain are the common symptoms of hormonal imbalance.



The hormones are produced by the glandular tissue which includes adrenal glands, pancreas, and thyroid as well as they are sensitive to dietary toxins, disease conditions, radiation, and stress.



Damaged or diseased glands further result in hormone imbalance, which always leads to symptoms. There are many types of hormones circulating in our body, but cortisol is a hormone which is the primary stress hormone.







As we all know the minor complications of hormones in the body can be cured by using tulsi. Tulsi acts great for hormonal imbalance.



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