5 Simplest And Easiest Home Remedies For Menopause

Divya Tripathi

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Menopause is the end of the menstrual cycle in women, which means that they are not getting periods from the last 12 months. It generally occurs after the age of 40, but if it happens early for any reason, then it is known as premature menopause.


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Women born with all eggs, which are stored in her ovary, release 2 hormones estrogen, and progesterone, which are also responsible for controlling your menstruation cycle. Menopause cannot be cured as every woman in the world face this problem.


Symptoms of Menopause


  • Sore breasts


  • hot flashes


  • tiredness



  • irritability


  • Needing to pee more often


  • Dry skin, eyes, or mouth


  • Uneven or missed periods



  • Trouble sleeping


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Types of Home Remedies for Menopause


There are many types of home remedies for menopause to control the symptoms and for relief.


Calcium and Vitamin D


Eat food rich in calcium and vitamin D, which are very useful for bones because menopause causes weakening of bones and may increase the risk of osteoporosis. Eating a calcium-rich diet will help your hip bone to get stronger.


Many food items, including yogurt, cheese, spinach, and milk are rich in calcium. While for vitamin D fish, eggs, liver oil, and sunlight the main sources. After aging, the body doesn’t absorb much amount of sunlight so many supplements can be consumed for vitamin D.


Fruits and Vegetables


With calcium and vitamins, it is recommended to have multiple fruits daily and eating green vegetables for good results. Fruits are so less in calories and can make you full without eating much, that is why they are also considered for maintaining or losing weight.


Menopause can cause some of the chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, weakening of bones, etc. Having fruits and vegetables ensures to have less risk of these diseases and also make bones strong.


Exercise Regularly


Exercise is one of the most important parts of everybody’s life because it prevents you from several chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and stroke. Doing exercise regularly is one of the best home remedies for menopause, as doing exercise makes happy, fresh, and more importantly healthy.


There are several exercises which anyone can do like walking regularly, yoga, etc. This helps in good metabolism, reduces pain in joints and bones, Better sleep, and less stress.


Eat Protein-rich diet


Eating a protein-rich diet helps to keep the muscles of the body active and control weight. Eggs, fish, legumes, nuts, etc are a rich source of protein that keeps you full and helps in burning calories.


It is observed that taking a high protein diet in every meal of the day keeps your muscles active and strong. It also prevents you from muscle loss at aging. Proteins are also considered as one of the best home remedies for Menopause.


Eat More Foods That Are High in Phytoestrogens


Eating food high in phytoestrogens can stop hot flashes in women. Eating a healthy diet of soy can be used to reduce the level of cholesterol, blood pressure, hot flashes, and night sweats. Foods that are rich in phytoestrogens are soy products, soybean, tofu, tempeh, flaxseeds, linseeds, sesame seeds, and beans.




Menopause is not an illness, It is a common thing that happens with every woman so, there is no reason for taking stress. If you are in the phase of menopause then start eating healthy, drink lots of water, eat food rich in calcium, protein, vitamin, phytoestrogens, etc.


All these essential elements will keep you away from joint and bone pains, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and many more chronic diseases. Don’t forget to do regular exercise which is also one of the home remedies for menopause. Stay safe and stay healthy.


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