What Is Otoplasty Surgery And How Does It Happen?

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Otoplasty is also known as Cosmetic surgery. It the type of ear surgery and the surgeon can adjust the size, position, or shape of your ears. After this surgery, the shape of your ears is changed. This surgery is needed for those people who do not have normal ears.


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The results of ear reshaping surgery is depending on the desired changes by the patients, not every person needs this surgery. But this process usually improves self-confidence, especially in children and teens.


Otoplasty surgery is generally used to correct a structural abnormality of the ear. This surgery is also for those people whose ears are far away from their head and they do not like to see it.


Who Needs Otoplasty?


  • Those who have small ears


  • Some people have ear far away from the head


  • Some people have not proper ear structure


  • People whose ears are very close to the head


  • Those who have very small or large ears


  • Abnormal shape due to injury


Who are the good patients for Otoplasty?


The age 5 or older: When the auricle has reached a reliable source of 90 percent or its adult size, then it is helpful for doctors and they can easily perform surgery.


Those who are healthy: People who are completely healthy, they are also good patients for Otoplasty surgery. People who are not healthy they will have difficulty during the surgery. And this can increase the risk of complications or affect treatment.


People who do not smoke: Smoking is harmful for your health, it can reduce blood flow in the body and also slow down the healing process.


What is the procedure and consultation before Otoplasty?


  • Before this surgery, the doctor looks at your ear properly and takes complete information related to your health so that the patient does not face any kind of problem during or after the surgery. For this, doctors can also take an ear measurement or picture.


  • You will need to tell your doctor about the medications you were consuming at the time of the previous surgery and any current or previous medical conditions.


  • The most important thing for you and your doctor is to talk about the procedure itself, the associated risks and costs. So that your plastic surgeon will also want to hear about your expectations for this procedure.


  • Also, if you feel that you need more information, do not be afraid to ask any kind of question. You can also ask about the qualification and experience of your surgeon and you can also ask your doctor how successful surgery has been done before.


Is Otoplasty treatment always necessary?


Treatment is not always necessary. It also depends on who wants an otoplasty surgery. Because some people do not like the unstructured shape of the ear.


Its treatment is always after 5-6 years, this is because 90% of ear development is completed by this age. Doctors do not otoplasty surgery if the child is under 5 years of age. However, a person can undergo treatment by doctors at any age after 5 years.


If the child’s surgery is done at a younger age then his / her hearing capacity may be reduced or increased. For this treatment, you have to choose the right doctor. If your doctor says to get treatment at the age of 4, then it is not good for the patient, you do not have to get treatment at this age.


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