Advance Stem Cell Treatment for Common Eye Ailments

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We all know that VISION is most widely agreed to be the most valued of our five senses including hearing, taste, smell and touch. But when our eyes do not work properly, it can incline our whole sense of wellbeing off balance.


According to a study, approximately one in five people suffer from painful and dry eyes, which reduces the quality of life and can further have severe angina or hospital dialysis.




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The condition is particularly common among people over 50, and also been linked to auto-immune diseases like Sjögren’s syndrome, and is a possible side-effect of laser eye surgery.




The common symptoms of this eye ailments include the inability to focus, gritty sensation, redness, and a burning, with some sufferers also more prone to eye infections.




There are simple treatments available for these symptoms such as laser-assisted cataract surgery.




But one of the advanced treatments offered through Olympus Stem Cells located in Sydney New South Wales, using these stem cells from an individual’s abdominal fat to improve and regenerate their tear-producing glands in eyes.




These stem cells were harvested through a mini-liposuction procedure and do inject into the lachrymal glands around the person’s eye. The health clinic uses a similar procedure to treat other forms of knee injuries and facial pain, but only introduced the treatment for eyes at the beginning of this year.




It states that sufferers of painful and dry eyes should carefully consider any treatment options.




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What are Stem Cells?



Stem cells are a class of undifferentiated and uniform cells that are able to differentiate and separate into specialized cell types.




A stem cell is a cell that has a unique ability to develop into specialized cell types in the body. In the future, these cells may be used to replace cells as well as tissues that have been damaged or lost due to disease.




Usually, stem cells have two main sources:



  • Embryos formed during the blastocyst phase of embryological development (known as embryonic stem cells) and Adult tissue (adult stem cells).


  • Both types of stem cells are generally characterized by their potential to differentiate into different cell types (like skin, muscle, bone, etc.).



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Adult Stem Cell:


The adult or somatic stem cells are present throughout the body after embryonic development as well as are found inside of different types of tissue. These stem cells have been found in tissues like the brain, blood, bone marrow, blood vessels, skin, skeletal muscles, and the liver.




Embryonic Stem Cells:



Embryonic stem cells are derived from a 4 to 5 day-old human embryo present in the blastocyst phase of development. The embryos are usually extras that have been created in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics where several eggs or ova are fertilized in a test tube, but only one is implanted into a woman.




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