Stress Management for Women; Ladies Need A Break

Anju Bisht

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How about we all be a strong female protagonist in every story? That we actually are- standing for ourselves and everyone around. Call it mentally or physically- there is so much we do examples are women like Mary Kom or Nirmala Sitharaman (Finance minister) and the list has no end in sight. We get stressed while dealing with stuff, continue being the strong lady in and out. How? Herewith the course of stress management for women.


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Approaches to Stress Management for Women


You are more than what you perceive yourself as! Daily stress interferes with your growth and emotional well-being, deal with it.  Get set to adopt these approaches.


1. Positive apprehension


Rather being remained struck, look for the source of problems and solving the same. Your positive apprehension towards the stress can help you in stress management. What does this even mean? Let’s go point-by-point to understand.


a) Stressed? The first thing we gotta do is to collect the source of the stress. This is something which is easy said than done! But you can make it through.  Instead of telling that “you have a lot going on” list all those “a lot” in a stress diary.


b) Once you are done with the listing, the next thing to be done is your behavior toward stress. Your nature of dragging out things for later can make things worse. Or rather than blaming things on others or calling stress as part of your personality start accepting responsibility.


c) You got to understand the daily factor leading you to be stressed by maintaining a diary, right? Further, you are the one to decide how you are gonna deal with such factors. Write it down, how you dealt with the factor. And soon you will be able to understand the pattern of your stress and ways to deal with them.


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2. Ways of Stress Management for Women


This segment is for you to decide all such ways in which you are gonna deal with stress. You can choose any or alternatively form the options listed below. Go ahead and choose as you please.


a) Exercise! Believe it or not, you might not feel like get moving while you are stress but it can be the best thing done. Here understand why. Endorphins a neurochemical released when you work out which makes you feel good. The reason being endorphins are natural pain relievers.


b) Other than that you can try playing energizing music and get dancing.


c) Go out to get some fresh air, either go for a walk or trying cycling.


d) Try some stress burning activities such as swimming, running or aerobics. Choose which you find interesting.


e) Nothing can beat spending quality time with family or friends. They will help you get in a good mood which will further help you in making the right choices needed for stress management.


f) Understand the importance of time management. If you will not manage time things from start, they will get stretched and in the end, will turn stressful for you.


3. Me-Time Good for Stress Management for Women


It’s good to be engaged in work and other kinds of stuff. Be aware of the thing-dragging out things for later, if stress, engaging yourself in other work will not solve anything. So, get yourself a Me-time or leisure time which can include anything. Things like resting, relaxing, plan a trip or get your bike ready for a long ride.


4. Eat right to fight


In addition to all the above, eating right can help you fight stress. This means you need to fill your body with the right nutrient to prepare your brain to cope with stress. Add breakfast to your meals and follow a balanced diet throughout the day. Avoid excess of caffeine and too much alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.


Let me conclude, in addition to, all the above you need to get plenty of sleep. Gadgets like phones and laptops need power off or a charger- so do everyone. Get plenty or required amount of sleep will help fuel or charge your brain as well as the body. So keep rocking, don’t let stress to hold you back.


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