19 Symptoms of Viral Fever – How to protect yourself?

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Viral fever, it is an umbrella term for a group of infections which affect your body and can be categorized by the symptoms of viral fever like high fever, headaches, burning in the eyes, body aches. Viral fever is common among older people and children because their immunity is lower. The fever by itself is not any disease, it is a symptom of an underlying cause, which is a viral infection.

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What is Viral Fever?


A general human body temperature of about 98.6°F (37°C). Body temperature anything a degree above this is considered a fever. Fevers are generally a symptom that your body is fighting with some viral infection or bacterial. Viral fever is the fever which is caused by an underlying viral illness.



Various viral infections can affect humans, starting from the common cold to the flu. A fever is a symptom of many viral infections. But some viral infections, like dengue fever, can cause a higher fever.




What are the Common Symptoms of Viral Fever?



The symptoms of viral fever include:


19 Symptoms of Viral Fever How to protect yourself 1

1. Fever (which intermittently rises and falls)


2. Fatigue


3. Dizziness


4. Weakness


5. Chills


6. Headache


7. Muscle, body and joint pains


8. Inflammation of the pharynx


9. Painful tonsils


10. Running nose


11. Nasal congestion


12. Chest congestion


13. Sore throat


14. Burning sensation in eyes


15. Cough


16. Skin Rashes


17. Diarrhea


18. Nausea


19. Vomiting


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Who is at the Risk of Viral Fever?


A person can be at the risk of getting infected with viral fever if you:



  • Close to an infected person


  • Travel to an area where a particular viral fever is prevalent


  • Live in an area where viral fevers are doing the rounds


  • Working with sick people


  • Unprotected sex


  • Needles for intravenous drugs


  • Infected animals or are slaughtering them


  • Small children, babies, and elderly people are also quite prone to viral fever.



What are the Causes of Viral Fever?


Viral fever is caused by infection due to a virus. Viruses are very small infectious agents. They infect and multiply within the cells of your body. A fever is your body’s way of fighting off a virus. Many viruses are sensitive to shifts in temperature, so a sudden increase in your body temperature makes you less hospitable to viruses.



There are many ways that you can become infected with a virus, including:



Inhalation. If someone with viral infection sneezes or coughs near you, you can breathe in droplets containing the virus. Examples of viral infections from inhalation include the flu or common cold.



Ingestion. Food and drinks can be contaminated with viruses. If you eat them, you can develop an infection. Examples of viral infections from ingestion include norovirus and enteroviruses.



Bites. Insects and other animals can carry viruses. If insects bite you, you can develop an infection. Examples of viral infections that result from bites include dengue fever and rabies.



Bodily fluids. Exchanging bodily fluids with someone who has a viral infection. Examples of this type of viral infection include hepatitis B and HIV.






Viral fever is common among the people, especially in the changing weather. Most of the time the symptoms of the viral fever can affect your health and make you feel weak and uneasy. But your fever rises that 103-degree Fahrenheit then you should visit a general practitioner and get yourself checked.


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