Study: Manali is More prone to diabetes than Adyar

Anju Bisht

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In the context of the recent city-based study Stated that commonness of diabetes in high particulate matter exposure areas such as Manali was 77.5% higher as compared to people living in less polluted Adyar.


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A test and study of case sheet of 410 people living in both the areas conducted by Scientists from the MV Hospital for diabetes and Professor MV Vishwanathan Diabetes Research Centre along with the Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Chennai. “The study indicates a link between high levels of exposure to PM2.5 and diabetes milletus,” quoted senior diabetologist Dr. Vijay Vishwathan, who is also the corresponding author of the study. However, he said further studies are required to establish the causative factors. The study was published in the recent edition of the medical journal, Journal of Health and Pollution.



It was estimated that up to 25% population in urban areas of Chennai have diabetes. Findings of the study raised the possibility of a drop in diabetes cases in heavily polluted cities of India if there is a reduction in pollution.



The study was done between September 2017 and March 2018 after analyzing the secondary data from the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, Central Pollution Control Board, and the National Air Quality Monitoring Programme. Air quality data of Chennai city was analyzed from 12 air quality monitoring stations in the city from 2016 to 2017.




Considering the National Ambient Air Quality Standard, the highest and lowest areas of exposure were selected. Manali in north Chennai reported a PM2.5 annual average of 74.22μgm/m3 and Adyar in south Chennai reported 27.22 μgm/m3.



The family history of diabetes between the two groups was similar as well behavioral risk factors were also the same. Reports state physical inactivity among the people of Manali is more as compared to those in Adyar. Although the body mass index was similar in both groups whereas abdominal obesity was higher among males in Manali.



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