Changeovers for Carnivores: Add More Plants to your Diet

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Are you Carnivores? Do you hate vegetables? Then you should know eating more vegetables can help you elude chronic health conditions. If you are a meat eater and want a changeover or want to add a plant-based diet here is what you need to acknowledge.


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As an adult, many of us seem to advise the similar classic injunction “Eat your vegetables,” that we use to hear as a child. People who are not taking daily recommended vegetable intake missing out on the vitamins and minerals that a daily diet rich in vegetables can bring and putting themselves at higher risk for some cancers, as well as chronic conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, pointed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).



Regardless of what you are (i.e., carnivore) if interested in adding a few more vegetables to your daily meals, or you may wish to completely give up on meats and transform yourself into a full-blown vegetarian or plant-based diet then, here we have some suggested pieces of advice.




1. Roast Your Veggies to Bring Out Their Flavors


Those who suffered through childhood cuisines such as boiled carrots and peas or microwaved broccoli will hold this cooking method (that brings out vegetables natural flavors) in high regard. Roasting is a revelation for people who don’t like vegetables.




2. Trade Your Animal Protein for Plant-Based Sources


According to the National Academy of Medicine, the average daily dietary reference intake (DRI) of protein is 46 to 56 grams (g) per day for adults older than 19 ranges. If you are not ready to replace your meat dishes to plant-based protein, you can simply replace half of the animal protein you eat for the same portion size of plant protein. If you want to make the transition to a fully plant-based diet then you must keep track of your protein.




3. Try Not to Overthink It When You’re Meal Planning


People getting into plant-based eating eventually find it complex whereas they themselves are making it difficult. What it means is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to cook a four-star food out of a book all the time.


It is suggested to the new beginner not to overthink it. There are so many foods that are perfect on their own. All you need to learn is love the pure flavors of it, and not expect salt and processed flavors.




4. Keep Things Fun (and Be Creative) When Preparing Plants for Children


For the youngest member of the family just reassess your veggies to make it an enjoyable experience. Experts recommended preparing plant-based cuisine as finger food like spring rolls, making cauliflower wings and many more.



5. Beware Tummy Trouble as Your Body Adjusts to Eating Veggies


Due to sudden load up on veggies–gas, bloating, and stomach pain can occur during the adjustment period. The gas-creating Malefactors are fiber and different kinds of carbohydrates, as well as the microbes in our gastrointestinal (GI), tracts and consume them. To deaden these symptoms moderately start eating with well-cooked vegetables until your body adjusts, and then gradually introduce more lightly cooked and raw preparations, fruits, whole grains, and beans. Try to drink more water to help fibers get out from your GI tract.


“When you’re making a dietary change, you just have to be very mindful and be prepared for how the body reacts. I think once you have that understanding, it’s a trial and error”.


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6. Try going out for ‘Vegan’ the Way You Would for Any Other Type of Cuisine


You don’t have to follow any vegan diet (i.e., one that doesn’t include any animal products) to enjoy an occasional meal that is simply plant-based. People can and will benefit from eating plant-based cuisine, regardless of their lifestyle or personal preferences.



7. Make Changes to Your Diet Slowly So You’re More Likely Sustain Them


Experts suggest that long term success depends upon easing the dietary changes into your life in a way that you can sustain for a long period of time. We know “slow and steady wins the race.” So go slow as nothing happens overnight.



So if you want to add vegetables to your diet and you want to keep going into a fully plant-based regimen then do it by transforming one daily meal at a time. Can start with breakfast first. Subsequently taking this approach. You are going to feel healthier, you are going to have a whole lot of fun choosing recipes, and then it does not feel like a lot of pressure to make a change.



Even if you consider sticking with the omnivorous life you still can derive many health benefits. The World Health Organization has classified processed meat as carcinogenic and red meats as probably carcinogenic. So you should know how many servings you consume per day or week, as high consumption of red meat can lead to diseases such as heart disease and colon cancer.



The American Heart Association (AHA) suggested the intake of meat, poultry, or eggs should be 8 to 9 servings (or fewer) a week, with each serving being no more than 3 ounces. As for vegetables, eat at least 5 servings per day where 1 serving considered being 1 cup of raw veggies or ½ cup cooked.



The epilogue of the study states that you still can enjoy meat or meat-based diet, just in moderation, and surrounding it with plenty of plant-based protein. So reduce your fish, meat, and poultry intake and observe few meatless days per week.


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