Talk To Your Kids About Sex: You are The Most Important Influencer

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Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs. As a parent, you are responsible for another human being’s quality of life and their welfare, and I believe it is a huge responsibility. When it comes to your child health and career, it is important to take charge of his/her complete growth. It means you are concerned regarding your child behavior, mental health, and attitude towards everything in life. Talk to your kids about sex and sexuality in a frankest and positive manner is the most important thing in this aspect. You are the one who is responsible for your child’s thinking about these matters for life, especially in the initial stages of growing up such as puberty.


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Start Doing Peerenting (PEERENTING = PEER+ PARENTING)



Well, a certain amount of strict control and discipline are necessary for parents, but it is vital to be a friend to your child too. You should be a guide for your children; they must get to know what they need to know from the right source, which is you. The Internet and acquaintances in school/college/neighborhood are not the safest sources for your child to explore these tender topics with. So, you have to be open and accepting and talk to your kids about sex; for only you can shape them into balanced, well aware, and discerning individuals.




How to Monitor and Educate Your Kid



Your child needs continuous grooming since from his infancy to adulthood. Liberty needs to be exercised, but with caution and alertness. If you create a conducive habitat at home, your child will be able to share his/her thoughts, query, insecurities, as well as problems. The child needs to understand that you are there for him/her, no matter what category the issue falls into especially sensitive like sex and sexuality. In this way, you will be able to monitor your child’s well- being in a healthy atmosphere and also be able to guide them along the way. Always try to remember, that it needs to be guiding, not preaching. The aim is to mold them into adults who can differentiate between right and wrong for themselves and handles complications; not to make them dependent or rebellious.



When and What Talk to Your Kids About Sex



What and when you should talk to Your Kids About Sex depends on a lot of things. Age, for example, is the most important guide. There are some things your child should be aware of and should think of it like-







  • The difference between the ways of expressing affection and the ‘wrong kind of touch’


  • How and when to say ‘No’


  • What to do if any person makes him/her feel strange or unpleasant


  • What are the correct names of their genital parts


  • Don’t ignore the question



B. Teenager


  • Changes in the body and mind


  • Basic sex education



  • Talk to them about their bodies, puberty, and how it relates to sex and pregnancy


  • Tell them the difference between sex for pleasure and sex as a crime


  • Basic values and understanding of legalities related to consensual sex


  • Developing a healthy and positive attitude about these issues


  • At last keep the conversation simple, honest, and accurate.



C. Young Adults


  • Looking for support from a responsible adult for solutions and guidance in matters related to the concept


  • How to make mature decisions about safety, consent, and hygiene


  • How to not let external factors sway their own judgment


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D. Sexuality


  • The child needs to be aware of the LGBT community and their rights


  • Your kid should be able to discuss the topic freely with parents


  • He/she should be aware of the dynamics and consequences of such a choice of lifestyle


  • Ability to choose and be stress- free regarding their individuality and sexuality



  • Dangers of having sex at an early age.


  • Share your family’s moral (or religious) beliefs



  • HPV — human papillomavirus (which can cause genital warts and can lead to cervical cancer in women)



  • genital herpes


  • syphilis


  • viral hepatitis


  • crabs


  • gonorrhea


  • chlamydia


  • trichomoniasis, and more





As a summary, you should talk to your kids about sex because you are the right source by talking with you, your kid gets the right information especially about these sensitive issues. If you have any uncertainty about how to talk and how to talk you should consult the counselor about it,


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