Know More About Top 12 Fabulous Pregnancy Exercises

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Today we will talk about top 12 fabulous pregnancy exercises for soon to be mums…


Pregnancy exercises have enormous benefits for both mom and baby, like having a healthier pregnancy, easier recovery after baby, quicker delivery, increased brain stimulation for baby and much more.


However, there are some concerns all women should make before working out during pregnancy.


Pregnant women should always discuss their workouts with their doctor and get approval to exercise.


Before doing any type of pregnancy exercises, a pregnant woman should listen to her body, and if an exercise doesn’t feel right for her that day, skip it and move on to the next exercise.


For any pregnant woman, it is the most important thing to use proper form with each pregnancy exercise, focusing on breathing, lightly doing a kegel and “hugging your baby” to activate the deep core muscles with each exercise and moving your body regularly.


Pregnant women should do pregnancy exercises minimum of two to three hours total each week, by exercising a little each day.


A woman should keep up her hard work and include these pregnancy exercises regularly in the workout sessions to keep your posture looking fabulous, booty lifted, and core strength.




Let’s Get Started With Top 12 Fabulous Pregnancy Exercises:


1. Mama Squats

Squats are the great exercise for all stages of pregnancy. Squats basically help in strengthen your pelvic floor and transverse abdominal muscles, as well as the exercise, will help to push your baby out during delivery.



2. Forward Rolls

Forward rolls help in stretching your back while strengthening the core muscles throughout your pregnancy. Always listen to your body, only moving through a range of motion that suits your body.



3. Plie Squat Pulses

These have basically the same benefits as squats provide you but also help in the build up your lower body endurance by not giving your calves and quads much rest between reps.


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4. Hamstring Pulses

Hamstring pulses can help keep your booty lifted throughout the pregnancy period.



5. Full Forward Lunges

If a pregnant woman is experiencing any type of round ligament pulling ( such as feeling pain at the front of your hips), skip lunges exercise and replace it with more squat exercises or hamstring pulses.



6. Squat + Lat Pull + Rotation

This combo exercise of squat, lat pull, and rotation strengthens your deep core by improving your posture and keeping your booty lifted and strong. As well as, this exercise feels great on those hips. As your pregnancy period progresses, you may need to decrease the range of rotation.



7. Triceps Pulses

This exercise will help you to tone and strengthen the extra flab on their triceps area.


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8. Bent-Over Reverse Flys

Reverse fly’s exercise helps you to keep your back strong throughout the pregnancy. If you start feeling a tension in the body, you can go to your neck and decrease your dumbbell weight to by making your elbows slightly bent.



9. Outer Thigh Burners

One of the best ways for doing this exercise safely is keeping your spine in a neutral alignment without making your back arch or round.



10. Side Lying Lateral Leg Rotations

With the help of this exercise, you can strengthen and open your hip flexors.



11. Mermaid Stretch

This is a favorite prenatal exercise for many pregnant women which basically help in stretching those tight hips and belly. If it’s challenging for you to sit directly on the ground, you can grab a pillow and place it under your hips.



12. Child’s Pose

This is the perfect exercise to finish daily exercise routine at the end of your workout, as it allows your body to rest, recharge, and relax.





Above written exercises are the fabulous pregnancy exercises. These all exercises are very simple, but make sure before doing any of the hard exercise you always need to consult your doctor.

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