Top 8 Healthy Drinks You Should Try in This Summer

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Picking up between winters and summers is not a tough choice as the answer is surely going to be summer. Because in this bright season too many opportunities for adventure sports, outdoor activities and devouring over our favorite food or drink open ups. But the most important thing for you stays healthy with healthy drinks.


Summers are the best time of the year to recline on a comfortable Barca lounger and enjoy some cool refreshing and soothing drinks, accept it. Below find the recipe and benefits of 8 healthy drinks you should try this summer season.


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Healthy Drinks You Should Try in This Summer


1. Mango Panna:

The quality of this amazing drink of eliminating the harmful impact of scorching heat on your body tops it on this list of 8 healthy drinks. This special summer drink is full of vitamin C and helpful in fulfilling the deficiency of salt and iron in the body.


Recipe: Take out the mango pulp and mix some jaggery, salt and cardamom powder into it according to your taste, then preserve it in an airtight bottle. While serving take one tablespoon of the preserved Panna and add it into a cool glass of water.



2. Zero-Calorie Mixer:

This a great cooling option to clear up the presence of the toxin in your body while acting as a zero calorie amazing drink that would not even hurt your diet. This drink is served in many restaurants as well, as a punch of fruits and sparkling water.


Recipe: Add orange, lemon, cucumber, herbs, and lemon juice in a pitcher. Compress the ingredients against the bottom of the pitcher to release juice and volatile oils. Add water and refrigerate for a minimum of one hour before serving.



3. Strawberry-Basil Lemon Fizz:

Strawberry is refreshing and always delightful to eat and adding some wonderful exhilarating agents like lemon and basil is the specialty of this drink. This drink helps in supplying the required vitamins, minerals and nutrients like iron and magnesium.


Recipe: Squash 2 strawberries and 2 basil leave with half teaspoon honey in each of 2 rocks glasses until juices are released and basil leaves are crushed. Add half cup lemon kombucha to each glass, and fill to the top with ice, stir to combine.



4. Cucumber Mint Lemon Water:

As our elder has suggested us to consume seasonal fruits and vegetables always because they provide all the essential nutrients. Cucumber is the best coolant agent of summer and combining it with mint and lemon water makes it an amazing anti-oxidant agent.

Recipe: Cut out some wedges of edges of lime, sprigs of mint, slices of cucumber. Pour out some icy chilled water in a glass and add all the wedges into it. Keep it on rest and then enjoy it with sipping.


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5. Shikanji:

This is the easiest and twistiest drink of summertime. It is an elevated version of the legendary nimbu paani. This drink is full of electrolytes which have the property of cooling down the heat up body of yours in summer.


Recipe: Take some ginger, lemon, salt, and sugar in small quantities. Add the juice of ginger and lemon into cold water then stir it well. Lastly, add salt and sugar according to your taste and stir it hard so that all the ingredients combine well with water as a proper solution.



6. Peach-Thyme Iced Tea:

Tea is considered the king of all drinks. But consuming a hot and steamy drink in scorching heat is not justified. So, we have brought an alternative yet awesome solution to beat the heat with a twisted tea. Iced tea helps in eliminating toxins and lose weight on the same hand.


Recipe: You will need honey, fresh thyme, fresh or frozen peach slices, black tea bags, lemon juice, bourbon (optional), thyme sprigs and lemon slices for garnish. Prepare the solution with all the other ingredients and add the tea bag to it, add ice and enjoy the soothing drinks.



7. Watermelon Slushie:

What’s better than devouring over the most delicate and delicious fruit of all time. This watermelon fruit is only available in the summer season and has 92% of water content in it so it is a great source of keeping your body hydrated and away from the heat-induced illness like heatstroke and headache.


Recipe: Process the watermelon, lime juice, honey, and jalapenos in a blender until they get mashed up and smooth. Stir in tequila, if desired and lastly serve over ice.



8. Kid-Friendly Cooler:

Keeping kids safe in the noxious summer time and away from consuming anything toxic from the marketplace in order to beat the heat is a difficult task. So, why not make a wonderful and delicious drink at home only.


Recipe: Grab 1 cup of frozen peaches, half cup of orange juice and 3/4 cup vanilla-flavored almond milk. Combine all the collected ingredients in a blender until it becomes smooth. Enjoy immediately.



Now you are ready to enjoy the summer by keeping you and your relatives healthy with the lip-smacking list of drinks. Begin trying them all at home!



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