Vegan Diet For Diabetes : A Complete Diet Plan For You

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Do you wish to be as fit as Virat Kohli or have a good physique like Pamela Anderson? Well, going vegan is your call. Apart from that, the good news is that even those suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes can be vegan.

Like always, we have some really good news for you! We bring to you the vegan diet for diabetes. The vegan is quite strict and difficult to follow which is the core reason that people often doubt veganism and tries to mock it.

In reality, the diet is categorized into two sections, the edibles which have to be avoided and the edibles which can be consumed. We will make it easier for you.


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What Is a Vegan Diet?


A vegan diet excludes foods that come from animals, whether it is dairy products or eggs. Veganism is the way of living that attempts to avoid all forms of animal slavery and exploitation, either it is for food, clothing or anything else. There are multiple reasons to follow a vegan diet. Eating a vegan diet can be a healthy way to eat your meals full of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains.


What to Eat in a Vegan Diet for Diabetes?


We will give you the main components of the vegan diet that might help you get through with your vegan diet for diabetes.


1) Humus:


Vegan Diet For Diabetes A Complete Diet Plan For You 1


We know most of you have already decided what to pair with hummus. It is made out of chickpea and has high protein. It helps in bone, skin and muscle formation. You can use it as a substitute for the various spread and as it is gluten-free.

This can help you stay away from celiac disease. We would suggest this be paired during your breakfast. A little bonus here, not on a regular basis but from time to time you can pair it with Pita bread.


2) Jeera Water:


Vegan Diet For Diabetes A Complete Diet Plan For You2



With the ease of digestion and reduction of obesity, jeera is one of the most common Indian spices. It helps you maintain your weight and sugar levels in the body keeps you away from saturated fat. As mentioned it helps in weight loss. You can cut down your carbohydrate intake as well.


3) Mushroom:


Vegan Diet For Diabetes A Complete Diet Plan For You3


Mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties that help regulate diabetes conditions. Mushrooms make a great snack for diabetics as they have a low glycaemic index as they contain a very low amount of carbs, which means they do not raise blood sugar levels as significantly as high-carb foods like bread and pasta. Well, now that is something to add in your vegan diet for diabetes.


4) Spinach:


Vegan Diet For Diabetes A Complete Diet Plan For You3


Do you know who is the bully of the veggies? The spinach. It is not only high in iron content but it is great to maintain diabetes. A great source of vitamin A and vitamin C. It is important for maintaining bone health.


5) Sprouts:


Vegan Diet For Diabetes A Complete Diet Plan For You3


Sprouts are high in protein. This helps in the reduction of weight. Sprouts are also a source of high fibers. This causes your stomach to be full for a longer period of time.


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You can follow and add these elements in this way in your Vegan diets for Diabetes:


Early Morning: Jeera water 1 glass (jeera soaked overnight)

Breakfast- Buckwheat chilla (1-2) with green chutney /sprouted chat with vegetables

Lunch- Zucchini noodles with avocado sauce /quinoa salad with vegetables / sauté vegetables with hummus/ avocado sauce

Evening – Veggies with Hummus /soya milk with (1-2) brown bread slice.

Dinner- Stuffed mushroom (vegetable stuffing) with Hummus/spinach & fruit salad.


What Are The Types of Vegan Diets?


There are different types of vegan diets based on the proportion of related food items. The most common types are:


Whole-Food Vegan Diet:


It includes a wide range of whole plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and seeds.


Raw-Food Vegan Diet:


A Raw-food vegan diet includes raw fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds or plant foods cooked at temperatures below 48°C (118°F).


Why Take Vegan Over Normal Diet?


You must have this confusion about why most of the people around the world are suddenly demanding vegan diets? Does it help in balancing blood pressure? Is it better than a normal diet? What is the reason? It is quite possible that such confusion is bound to happen. You must understand that when you take normal diets you have many options.


No matter how healthy some of these animal products seem to be either allergic or too much fat which affects people with type 2 diabetes. If you want good omega-3 fatty acids, choose flax seeds. Vitamin B12 can be easily taken by diabetic people from Avacado as mentioned above.


Diabetic patients are very worried about their cholesterol levels. This can be mastered only by vegan diets. In the American Diabetes Association, there have been recommendations made regarding the plant diet. You would see many diabetes diets and plans, but everything has more of a plant-based diet to control body weight.


To reduce the risk of heart diseases people with diabetes are recommended plant-based foods and not nonvegetarian. There is absolutely nothing that a vegan diet is deprived of. Just like normal food, even the vegan diet has a fat vegan diet. These are for those who want to gain weight. For example, a balanced weight would include banana.


Staying fit and healthy has now become the priority of every family and the members. It is important that we look into what we eat. There are innumerable diets in town that will help you stay fit. Yet, a Vegan Diet tops the list.


A vegan diet for diabetes is one of the healthiest diets to control the condition. There are not many cons are found yet of following a vegan diet apart from failing to strictly follow it. Whereas many people have reported a lack of vitamins, minerals and protein have been encountered after following the vegan diet. You can get a free diet plan by visiting our website!


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