Toxic Shock Syndrome : A Rare Bacterial Infections

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Some of the health conditions around us are lesser-known to us but might be terminal in some cases. One such bacterial infection is Toxic Syndrome. It is known to very few but can be life-threatening. In most cases, the vulnerable section is menstruating women. As per the studies, it has been observed, “Toxic shock syndrome has been associated primarily with the use of superabsorbent tampons. However, since manufacturers pulled certain types of tampons off the market, the incidence of toxic shock syndrome in menstruating women has declined.” This plag will hence pay more heed to an overall view of symptoms and causes of the mentioned.


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What is Toxic Shock Syndrome?


Toxic shock syndrome is a rare but serious medical condition caused by a bacterial infection. It is caused when the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus gets into the bloodstream and produces toxins.


In most cases, toxic shock syndrome has been linked to super-absorbent tampon use. Though it is not true that this condition cannot affect men, children, and people of all ages.


What are the Symptoms of Toxic Shock Syndrome?


Even though the Syndrome has been considered to affect women. However, these common symptoms might be able to fool you otherwise.


Sudden fever :


This happens in most of the health conditions. While you get checked about the other conditions, we would suggest you go for TSS as well.


Low Blood Pressure:


A sudden drop in your blood pressure might indicate a condition. Hence when you feel that there is something not normal you must get checked. One of the main symptoms of Toxic shock syndrome is low blood pressure.




Again, a very common symptom when you feel unwell. Headaches happen due to many reasons. In case it is due to an infection or fever, there is a chance of TSS as well.


Muscle Aches:


Until you have made sure your muscles had a tough time, muscle aches are questionable. We would, therefore, suggest you consult your doctor.




Unlike the above-mentioned symptoms, a seizure is never a common symptom in conditions. If you get seizures, there is something more serious bound to be involved in it.


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What are the Causes of Toxic Shock Syndrome?


The causes of the particular Infection usually occurs when bacteria enter your body through an opening on the skin. Some of the cases like a cut, sore, or another wound. Not much has been proved to be sure why tampon use sometimes leads to the condition. Some believe that a tampon left in place for a long period of time attracts bacteria. Another possibility is that tampon fibers scratch the vagina, creating an opening for bacteria to enter your bloodstream.


What Might Be The Risk Factors?


The risk factors of the particular condition are very much associated with immunity that your body is providing right now. These conditions might result in high chances of you getting the infection.


  • Any cuts or burns on your skin, even skin infections sometimes can increase the risk.


  • Having had recent surgery


  • Usage of contraceptive sponges, diaphragms or superabsorbent tampons


  • Having a viral infection, such as the flu or chickenpox


You do not have to be scared of Toxin Shock Syndrome but yes, be a little aware of what should be done and what should not. We have given an overview of the scenario. You can consult and understand more about the topic by visiting our website.


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