Breast Cancer: 6 Most Effective Ways of Preventing Breast Cancer

Anju Bisht

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Breast cancer is a type of cancer that is impacting 2.1 million women each year, also the death rate is higher in cancer-related death among women(according to WHO). In the context of India, currently, there is an increasing number of patients being diagnosed with breast cancer in the younger age groups (i.e., in their thirties and forties). Let me put this straight, here know about the effective ways of preventing breast cancer and lower your risk of getting breast cancer.


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Effective Ways of Preventing Breast Cancer


Know that regardless of men or women anyone can get breast cancer. Though, men getting breast cancer is still very rare. So far, breast cancer is a concern there are still no confirmed ways of preventing breast cancer. Yet several things can be considered helpful in preventing cancer to some extent.


With just simple lifestyle changes lower the risk of breast cancer, even if you are at high risk(having a family history of breast cancer). Lifestyle changes include;


1.  Protect Yourself From Radiation and Pollution


There are possible links between getting breast cancer and exposure to radiation. It is better to avoid too much exposure to radiation- medical imaging techniques and many other computerized tomographies use high doses of radiation. Avoid exposure as much as possible unless such testing becomes necessary. Also, don’t forget to protect yourself from environmental pollution.


2. Better Limit or Avoid HRT


Most women use hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to deal with menopausal symptoms.  Women using this therapy for more than 3-5 years are at higher risk of getting breast cancer. Get your doctor’s opinion for alternative options to control your menopause symptoms or if using HRT it is better to use it at the lowest dose and for the shortest period.


3. Breastfeeding Benefits 


Do you know breastfeeding helps in preventing breast cancer? Maybe most of you do. It is expected that breastfeeding protection effects are stronger if you breast-feed longer.


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4. Don’t Be Lazy


Let me tell you a secret, well really not a secret though – for a breast-healthy habit, exercising must be regular.  Staying physically active can help in preventing breast cancer.


5. Healthy weight


All in all, I am repeating the previous point but here my focus is on maintaining a healthy weight. Why? Seriously, overweight and obesity can raise the likelihood of getting breast cancer.


6. Time to Say Goodbye to Bad habits


Ladies, beware there is potential evidence stating that smoking can cause breast cancer, and premenopausal women are at high risk. Well, it isn’t funny but the more alcohol you drink, the greater you are at risk of developing cancer. Though, it is better to quit drinking but who don’t love parties. So it is better to limit your alcohol consumption if you can’t quit.


Concluding the above, I would say following a healthy lifestyle, going for regular screening and taking preventive measures with eating a healthy diet might reduce the risk of some types of cancer. If you notice changes in your breast like a new lump or skin changes, to get an instant appointment or consultation regarding Breast Cancer treatment, you can contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) or email us at, regarding our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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