Know What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Smoking!

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Addictions are hard to let go. We struggle as hard as we can to just get over the bad habits that might now be beyond our control. It takes a lot of courage and will to get over the habit and addiction. One such addiction is that of smoking. Smoking cigarettes can cause great discomfort to the body and this can lead to worst, an untimely death. Most of the lung cancer patients have spoken of the history of smoking. The question, however, is, if quitting smoking will be the end of the story? What happens to your body when you quit smoking? What should you do to handle the body changes? All of these questions will be answered.


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What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Smoking After Different Intervals of Time?


Well, it is not a one day job to quit smoking. How easy it might sound, it is way more difficult in practice. The nicotine intake cannot be just cut one day and the story is over. It is a persistent struggle between body and mind. You will is tested every day. People around you are affected by it, as there is a change in behavior.



You will be surprised to know how quick can be the revival of your lungs when you once stop smoking. It takes less than an hour for you to reap benefits!



1) Carbon Monoxide Levels


Let us give you good news, within 8hrs of the quitting, your carbon mono oxide levels are already down. And how does that help? When carbon monoxide goes away, your oxygen levels start to increase and brings it to normal level. Oxygen helps nourish your blood vessels and increases tissue formation.



2) Risk of Heart Attacks:


Within 24hrs your heart will be thanking you for quitting. Why is that? What happens to your body when you quit smoking? And how is it related to your heart? Within a day you already have decreased your risk of going through a heart attack. Nicotine levels in your bloodstream have also decreased to negligible amounts at this time.


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3) Back to Your Senses!


Smoking affects our taste buds and also our breathing pattern. You will notice than withing two days of quitting smoking you taste things more. You make a difference between the taste. You can smell and your ability to differ fragrances has come back. It is magical how getting away from one wrong habit can get your senses back.



4) Easy Breathing:


3 days, and what happens to your body when you quit smoking? You are breathing normally! Isn’t it? Your heavy breathing and fast heartbeat are now normal. You have no trouble in breathing and no short breath either. All these benefits of quitting in just three days!


5) Lung Capacity:


While you are successful in pulling off a journey of quitting smoking, you do not realize what a boon it might be to your body and your future self. Within a year you have already increased your lung capacity by 30%. You are now safer from chronic cancers of those relating to smoking. These cancers range from mouth to lungs. Congratulations! in 10-15 years it would be your lungs rejuvenation!



What happens to your body when you quit smoking is generally an important question after one decides to quit. And here, we give you a number of things that might happen for good. It is not easy to get rid of addiction and a lot of will power is demanded. Changes are important, change your social circle, change your eating and drinking habits, find replacements! It is your life and you get to live it the way you want. Any further assistance can always be provided by our health experts on our website.


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