Wildlife Week 2018 (October 2nd-8th) in India

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Wildlife Week is celebrated from October 2 to 8 annually in India. The main goal of this campaign is to promote the conservation and protection of fauna (animal) life.


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The Wildlife Week was developed in 1952 with the overall purpose of raising awareness regarding safeguarding the lives of wildlife through significant action. With this thought in mind, the Indian Government has developed an Indian Board of Wildlife that works for spreading awareness towards the conservation of wildlife. Throughout this Week, experts conduct hands-on seminars to bring the more difficult aspects of wildlife conservation within the range and understanding of all age groups.


Wildlife Week 2018 (October 2nd-8th) in India




There are lots of animals living in forests and many other areas. Due to these animals, there remains the environmental balance in nature. People are aware of this fact and they are developing their mind for keeping all the animals safe from any hazardous materials.


The government has many plans and ideas to save and protect animals as well as the natural environment. The government has created several laws related to animals and are used to give a lot of ideas and plans to manage animals life.


The government has also developed several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries for animals to protect them from useless killing.




How to Celebrate the Wildlife Week?


Wild Life Week is celebrated by lots of people to get the knowledge about animals in the environment and to save them for maintaining a natural balance in the Environment.


There are several events that are organized by the Government to encourage young generations to come up with better ideas to save wildlife.


The Government makes sure that every citizen of India should be given the information about the wildlife of India.


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Wildlife Week 2018 (October 2nd-8th) in India





Some of the Basic Things that Should be Given to Children and Adult:


  • Children should be encouraged to learn more things about wildlife animals and should participate in competitions like a quiz to increase their knowledge.


  • Follow new fun-filled activities such as storytelling, panda crafting, playing animals charades, building rain art and etc to increase their interests.



  • Organizing games and musical activities such as fun facts, mazes, animal piano, and puzzles for the kids to enjoy nature.


  • Teach children about wildlife through cards, posters or discussion.




What are the Objectives of the Wildlife Week?


Following are some of the main objectives of this week including;


  • To make people aware of the protection and conservation of the wildlife.


  • To focus the people’s attention towards the importance of conservation of the wildlife.


  • To implement more services to preserve the wildlife.


  • To discuss all the issues related to the preservation and conservation of the wildlife.


Wildlife Week 2018 (October 2nd-8th) in India





What is the Theme of the Wildlife Week 2018?


The year’s theme the Wildlife Week 2018 is Big cats – Predators Under Threat.”


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