World Thalassemia Day 2018

Tanuja Bisht

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World Thalassemia Day is an annual commemoration day held on 8th of May.


The day is dedicated to all thalassaemic patients and to increase the awareness about the disease among public all through the world. The day has its efforts and persistence for a long and good quality life in all across the world.


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The World Thalassemia Day was established by the World Health Organization in order to raise the public awareness about the disease, its prevention measures and measures to avoid its transmission to other people.


According to the several statistics report, approx 19% of the total population is the carrier of Thalassemia gene. Thus World Thalassemia Day is celebrated as a big event by organizing a kind of preventive programs to increase the awareness and reduce the spread of the genetic disease.


The event celebration encourages and promotes the common public for pre-marriage test to reduce the genetic problems among families.


8th of May has become a very special day for the people who are suffering from the thalassemia as the day brings a chance for them to get diagnosed earlier.


The day is dedicated to celebrate the thalassemia patients and give them a chance to live like a normal person as well as how they can prevent the disease to spread in the society, community, state, country, and the world.




Why Is World Thalassemia Day Celebrated?

World Thalassemia Day is celebrated all across the world to help people who are suffering from the thalassemia disease and its complications in daily life.

Thalassemia is defined as a genetically inheritable blood disorder or disease which can affect people of any age group.



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Following are some of the main objectives of the World Thalassemia Day including;

  • The day is celebrated to raise the awareness regarding the disease among common public.
  • The day is celebrated to develop an effective prevention measure to have control on the disease.
  • The day is celebrated to motivate and encourage the public especially youths for blood donation to prevent the people suffering from thalassemia.
  • The day helps in motivating doctors and other health professionals to take care of the thalassemia patients.
  • The day helps in promoting the people suffering from it to come to the hospital for the early detection of the disease, its prevention, and its cure.
  • The day helps in motivating the youths for pre-marriage test to get diagnosed with the problem and prevent this disease to get inherited among new generations.
  • The day helps you to make the community, society, nation and the world free from thalassemia and other inheritable diseases.
  • The day gives people with thalassemia an equal chance of living like a wellbeing and normal person.
  • The celebration helps in encouraging government organizations to develop more healthcare facilities.
  • The day is an initiative to reduce the death rate of people all over the world because of the thalassemia.
  • The day also helps in increasing the number of healthy people without thalassemia or any other type of fatal diseases in the country and world.



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