Do You Know Use of Mobile Phones While Eating Is Dangerous For Your Child

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about the radiation of mobile phones and their effects on our bodies. A recent study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has stimulated debate by examining the role of mobile phones in the brain activity and the use of mobile phones while eating is dangerous for your child.


Although the report did not establish a significant link between health problems and mobile phone use, current issues have certainly asked us what are the long-term effects. And with the way our kids are embracing technology at a younger age than ever before, it’s even more important to examine whether the use of cell phones poses a threat to their health.


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Here’s why using mobile phones while eating is dangerous for your child:


1. Leads to severe addiction:

This is a surprising fact: research shows that 90% of children interact with smartphones before the age of two. Researchers said that that is scary because children of this age should participate creatively in order to achieve maximum brain development.


It can be a big mistake to deliver a screen, even if it is only during the meal.


Because what shows the rhymes on YouTube during the meal slowly becomes a difficult habit to leave for the child.


And once that habit is formed, the child will not even try to escape it.


This behavior of not being able to disconnect from your smartphone can also be introduced to other aspects of your life and become highly addictive.


Professional advice: Activity tables like are created for the sole purpose of involving children in a meaningful way and without using mobile phones or televisions. Full of creativity and great educational value, the activities provide a variety of concepts over a period of time.



2. Eating too much or too less:

During the meal, children use screens to learn how to eat these external disturbing signals.


They tend to eat much slower, lazily and indifferently than if they focused on food.


By focusing more on feeding and adjusting the table, your child will enjoy the food he eats and eats the way he wants, nothing more, nothing less.


Therefore, if your child is suffering from a lack of food or an excessive consumption of food, this may be due to this cause.


Distracted foods can cause them to overeat and eat very slowly because distraction can cause them to eat less.


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3. Not chewing properly:

Eating not properly can also result in your child not chewing correctly. Swallowing the whole pieces of food that haven’t been chewed up properly, can be a hazard for the body and can also lead to indigestion and stomach upset.



4. Lack of interaction with family members:

Another important reason to keep the screens away from children while at the table is mere interaction. Spending time with each other.


You can make your family meal time as a collective activity for your family that engaged your child as well as provide information about the importance of keeping in touch with family or you can also talk in details about your children’s interests and future as they’re growing up.


This probably helps in strengthening the bond between parents and child.


In another way, if you limit your child’s use of mobile phones during mealtime, your child will interact and learns the importance of interacting with family members.


This may lead overall development of your child.


The child can tend to use a cell phone to avoid interaction with family members.





In conclusion, the use of mobile phones while eating is dangerous for your child but it’s not that difficult to get your child to eat without mobile phones and television. It might take some extra efforts from your side to not get tempted by the easy way out and it’ll be well worth the effort.


Remember to practice what you teach and keep your phones away during mealtime and give your full attention to your child.


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