Alzheimer’s Day 2023: Never Too Early, Never Too Late

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Every year on September 21, World Alzheimer’s Day, which is part of Alzheimer’s Month, is observed to raise awareness about the misconceptions about dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as encouraging and supporting families of Alzheimer’s patients to face and battle it.


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Alzheimer’s is a severe brain disorder characterized by memory loss and confusion that, if not diagnosed and treated promptly, can harm one’s mental abilities of learning, thinking, reasoning, remembering, problem-solving, decision-making, and attention, potentially jeopardizing one’s day-to-day life activities and emotional control.


This life-threatening illness affects the sufferers, their families, and friends. People from all around the world, as well as other Alzheimer’s groups and organizations, come together to assist those affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Apart from offering social and financial assistance to those affected, various events are conducted to educate people about the warning signs and symptoms, early diagnosis, and effective treatment of this severe mental condition.


This year’s World Alzheimer’s Day theme is “Never too early, never too late,” emphasizing not only the critical necessity of identifying Alzheimer’s disease risk factors but also the promotion of proactive risk reduction methods to delay and, if possible, prevent the onset of dementia.


Understanding the risk recognition and treatment for Alzheimer’s disease can significantly influence. Various lifestyle adjustments can still reduce or halt its progression. Both vascular disease and dementia syndromes share several risk factors. The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggested lowering the incidence of dementia, which can prevent cardiovascular illnesses.


Improving lifestyle choices, in addition to reducing modifiable risk factors, can reduce the risk of developing dementia as well as other chronic illnesses. Brain health can be protected by doing the following:


  • Alcohol abstinence.
  • A lifelong learning enthusiasm.
  • Social interaction and stimulation in later life.




On September 21, 1994, Alzheimer’s Disease International and the World Health Organisation jointly established World Alzheimer’s Day. It was launched in Edinburgh to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Alzheimer’s Disease International, which was founded in 1984.


Some Alzheimer’s disease facts


  • Alzheimer’s disease shrinks your brain, causing a steady decline in memory, thinking, behavior, and social skills.


  • Alzheimer’s disease symptoms include memory loss, difficulty doing daily tasks, difficulty speaking, personality changes, and mood swings.


  • As the symptoms grow, one may find themselves repeating phrases, forgetting the names of family members, misplacing items, and having difficulty articulating thoughts.


  • Alzheimer’s disease is not the same as dementia or age-related memory loss. It’s a form of dementia.


  • There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Medication, on the other hand, can assist in managing symptoms and enhance overall quality of life.


  • Alzheimer’s disease is commonly caused by age (those above 65), a family history, and a head injury.


  • Other risk factors include smoking and alcohol consumption.


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