Measles Immunization Day 2018

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Measles Immunization Day 2018

Measles Immunization Day is held on the 16th March of every year to spread awareness on measles.


Measles is also known as khasra which is a highly infectious viral disease that affects mostly children. It is also one of the leading causes of disability and death among young children.


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Measles Immunization Day is celebrated to make people aware of this deadly disease and how they can handle the same. There is no specific treatment for measles but vaccine are available to protect children from the disease, which is both safe and cost-effective.


Young children, who do not receive the measles immunization, are at high risk of measles and its complications, sometimes death.


In 2014, approximately about 85% of the world’s children only receive one dose of measles vaccine by their first birthday within routine health services. Measles vaccination help in reducing (approximately 79% drop) in measles deaths that means it saved an estimated 17 million lives between 2000 and 2014 worldwide.


There are several symptoms of measles are usually cough, high fever, red eyes, muscle aches, light sensitivity, and sore throat.


The disease measles spread by sneezing and coughing, close personal contact or direct contact with infected throat or nasal secretions.


World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended immunization for all children with 2 doses of measles vaccine, alone, or in a measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) or measles-rubella (MR) combination. In India, measles vaccination is given under the Universal Immunisation Programme for infants of 9-12 months of age and 2nd dose at 16-24 months of age.


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What Actually the Measles Are?


Measles (or known as rubeola) is defined as a viral infection of the respiratory system. It is a very infectious disease that can spread through contact with infected saliva and mucus. A disease infected person can release the infection into the air through a cough or sneeze.


The measles virus can live on surfaces or in the air for several hours. When a person enters in an infected area (virus in the air and on surfaces) they can also become infected.


The virus can also spread through drinking water from an infected person’s glass and be sharing eating utensils with an infected person.




What are the Symptoms of Measles?


There are several common symptoms of measles including;


  • A cough


  • Fever


  • Red eyes


  • Light sensitivity


  • Muscle aches



  • A runny nose


  • White spots inside the mouth




How to Treat Measles?


Although there is no prescribed medication for the treatment of measles. The symptoms and virus typically disappear within three to four weeks. However, physicians or doctors may recommend:


  • Acetaminophen to relieve muscle aches and fever.


  • Taking rest help in increasing the immune system.


  • Taking plenty of fluids (like six to eight glasses of water a day).


  • Humidifier for relieving a cough and sore throat.






So to spread the awareness regarding measles, we all celebrate the Measles Immunization Day. With the help of this health day, we can spread the actual meaning of the disease and its vaccination to people.



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