A Successful Complex Surgery Saves a 74 year Old Man!

Somya Verma

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We all believed that Doctor’s are saviors sent from heaven. This profession is among those which will always be considered as noble of all the other professions. And one of the best examples shown in this regard is that of a surgery in the city of Vishakhapatnam on September 18. City doctors performed a complex surgery recently to save the life of 74-year-old by stenting a critically narrowed blood vessel. The age of the patient makes it even more difficult for doctors to take the risk, yet the team of neurologists with their expertise made this impossible thing happen.


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While explaining this surgery the neurologists said ” In view of the patient’s age, attendants did not opt for injection due to the risk of bleeding. An angiogram of the patient showed highly narrowed basilar artery with the risk of the stroke progressing to severe complications.”


“The last option was to stent the narrowed blood vessel. Our interventional cardiology team helped with cerebral angiogram and a stent has been placed in the narrowed blood vessel with no procedure-related complications. The patient gained consciousness over the next two days. Subsequently, he was removed from the ventilator and stayed in the ward for six days prior to discharge” he the further added. This success of the complex surgery is all credited to the team of the brilliant doctors.


The team of doctors made sure that there was nothing wrong with the patient. In order to assure this, they kept him under observation. He was kept in the ward after shifting from the ventilator for 6 days. This is necessary to be done to make sure the success of the surgery can be celebrated.


When the case was further discussed with various neurologists they said, “Conditions like the location of the stroke, size of the vessel involved, age, risk factors, time period of onset of treatment, play a vital role in deciding the treatment. Large vessel clots can be stented after clot removal and smaller vessel clots can be treated with an injection. Results will be encouraging if the interventions are attempted at the earliest after the onset of symptoms.”


We are glad that the complex surgery turned out to be successful, however, it raises some serious concerns. What kind of prevention are we as individuals taking for improving our health or staying away from the chronic conditions. India is becoming a hub of people of all ages suffering from chronic heart diseases. The government and we as citizens also have to take steps to keep the nation healthy.


We help to achieve these targets by making sure that there is no delay in the accessibility and availability of medicines. We also have our own team of prominent doctors and health expert for your help. Be healthy! Be fit!


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