Vaccines Out, India Becomes Safer For Global Treatments

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It seems like 2021 has brought a great deal of luck for humanity, and we are not keeping calm and letting you know, that India is one of the first messengers of luck. India is safe for treatments! And with the new vaccine in line and the largest of the batch releasing and rolling out today, we ensure our international patients that your treatment will be safer in the country other than anywhere else.


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We are not only way ahead in the race of vaccines rolling out, but we have a number of them in line. As per India Today, India’s Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said on Tuesday, “In the coming months, these vaccine makers could also be given an emergency use authorization from the Indian drug regulator. India could see more vaccines after regulatory approvals.”

The backing of the officials makes it great for international patients to come to India for any treatment. The big factor here is the ease and safety of travel in India. It is good and helpful for those traveling to India, as now the spread will be controlled and all safety procedures and measures will take care of. To know the rates and get quotes, you can drop your queries and contact us on Whatsapp.


How is India the best place for treatment right now?


Vaccines Out, India Becomes Safer For Global Treatments

There is no second thought that the quality that is provided by the Indian hospital is far better, economical, and affordable than most of the countries. However, traveling was anyway a risky task given the condition. The one reason being the outburst of the pandemic.


While a lot many countries are still struggling, India on the other hand with its rules and policies is able to provide a safe haven for people from outside countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and even Middle Eastern countries to get the treatment done in India. Hence, with vaccines in supply and people around recovering at a fast rate, it is safe to say, Come to India and get your treatment done!


What is the vaccine used in India?


Covaxin is an indigenous vaccine candidate being developed by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The vaccine makes use of an inactive version of a virus to spike up the production of antibodies in the host body.


Only last month, Bharat Biotech had successfully completed their Phase I and Phase II trials of Covaxin. The Phase III human clinical trial began at AIIMS in New Delhi on Thursday with Dr. M V Padma Srivastava, the chief of Neurosciences Centre at the premier institute, and three other volunteers receiving the first dose.

What benefits do International Patients have?



We at GoMedii are not only your treatment partner, we are here to make sure, you face no harm overall. So, when an international patient gets to India for treatment, he will be assured that there are vaccines for the pandemic also.


International patients get their benefits with the vaccine, which they can very well avail themselves. Hence, with GoMedii as your treatment partner and India as your tourism destination, you get the benefits of treatments as well as the safety net of the vaccine.

Should you travel to India for treatment?


Well, now when we have brought homegrown vaccines into business and use, we can very well say that India is safe to travel and you can come here for your treatments. Along with these, even the GoMedii team ensures that all safety procedures are followed.

What does the government say about the vaccine?


Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan appealed to people on Saturday not to be misguided by “rumors” regarding the safety and efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine and said the most prioritized beneficiaries would be vaccinated for free. Vardhan stressed that there would be no compromise on any protocol while approving the vaccine.


The minister, who visited two mock vaccination sites in Delhi to review the drill, said free vaccines would be provided in the first phase of the inoculation drive to the most prioritized beneficiaries, including one crore healthcare and two crore frontline workers.


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What are the different vaccines under evaluation in India?

We would like our international patients to know, why India is and always be the best choice for their treatment. At GoMedii we provide updates to you on all grounds, and hence know how we are letting you know about the options we have in India.


1) Zydus Cadilla’s Zy-Cov-D

The Ahmedabad-based company is in the running to becoming India’s next Covid-19 vaccine to look out for. The company has concluded its Phase 2 trials in India in December last year and has received the nod from DCGI to begin its Phase 3 trials at over 60 sites with 30,000 participants.

Zydus Cadilla claims that its vaccine is easy to store, transport, and inject. The company says they are looking at an intradermal injection (where the vaccine is injected in the skin and not the muscle) while adding that it is also less painful.

The packaging could be in a 10-dose vial format. The platform is the third generation of a new vaccine platform where the DNA, the antigenic material of the virus, the active part of the virus is injected into the DNA plasmid.

2) Sputnik V by Russia’s Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology

Perhaps the only vaccine in India’s basket that has demonstrated safety and efficacy of more than 90 percent so far, Sputnik V made by Russia’s Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. Its trials in India are being done in collaboration with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.

While the Phase 2 trials are complete, the phase 3 trials are still on. Sputnik V recently submitted its Phase 2 trial data to the Indian drug regulator. The health ministry has confirmed that the production and manufacturing of this vaccine will take place in India.


4) Biological E

Biological E, based in Hyderabad, is currently working on a protein-based vaccine. The BE vaccine is being developed in collaboration with the Baylor College of Medicine, US.

The company is, however, conducting its human trials in India with Phase 1 currently underway. According to the health ministry estimates, Biological E’s Phase 2 trials may begin in March 2021.

BE announced that it has secured $5 million funding from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) for scaling up manufacturing of its protein subunit Covid-19 vaccine in December last year. The CEPI will also explore providing additional funds to BE with the goal of potentially enabling the production of 100 million doses in 2021.

5) Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Limited

Gennova’s vaccine candidate is India’s first mRNA Covid-19 vaccine that can be stored at 2-8°C. Pune-based Gennova Biopharmaceuticals has also entered the human trial stage. The Indian drug regulators have approved the Phase 1 trials of this vaccine in India and Phase 2 trials could begin in March.

End-user storage of the vaccine which requires sub-zero temperature is being seen as the biggest challenge in India. Gennova’s vaccine, therefore, can come in handy for places where storage might be an issue.

Why do you choose GoMedii?


Medical care in India has seen significant strides in recent years. Apart from being technologically and medically advanced, extensive medical and healthcare is now significantly more affordable compared to international costs.


International patients can take advantage of India’s state of the art healthcare and efficiency in extensive treatments, through GoMedii. GoMedii is helping international patients as not only a medical tourism partner but a medical treatment partner as well.

To know more, get an instant appointment and quotes regarding treatment in India drop us a query on our website or contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724). You may even email us at, regarding our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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