World Asthma Day 2020: Theme, Purpose, And Activities

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The World Asthma Day is celebrated globally on the first Tuesday of May every year. It is a big event to be observed by people around the world to increase more awareness among people about asthma prevention. This program is held annually by GINA (Global Initiative for Asthma) internationally to spread the knowledge of asthma.


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It is celebrated every year on the first Tuesday in the month of May. The World Asthma Day celebration was first started in the year 1998 by the commencement of GINA after the meeting in Spain and now it is celebrated in around 35 countries.


It is very important to control the problem of asthma all over the world and this responsibility is not just for doctors and patients but everyone.


World Asthma Day Theme 2020


The Theme of 2020 is “Reduce The Burden Of Asthma”


The “Global Initiative for Asthma” (GINA) organizes various programs with the help of organizers and colleagues every year, such as – encouraging the general public by using health care groups and asthma teachers using a theme called “It’s Time to Control Asthma”.


GINA distributes content and resources for organizing the event each year with the theme of the festival. Various health care professionals, members, educators, and other health care organizations participated in the celebration showing their activities related to asthma in many public places so that they could help reduce asthmatics.


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World Asthma Day Activities:


World Asthma Day is celebrated every month on first Tuesday of May, so this month is referred as Asthma Awareness Month organizing by “National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP)” and encourages people to take care of their asthma.


Here is the list of activities of World Asthma Day:



• Free checkups are organized to assess the severity of people.


• Patients are encouraged for their scheduled follow-up visits at periodic intervals of six months and environmental risks are controlled to prevent allergic or irritation.


• In many countries, the Asthma Society celebrates World Asthma Day at the national level.


• New asthma clinics and pharmacy clinics have been opened in the required areas.


The Purpose of World Asthma Day 2020:


  • Identifying the patient for accurate treatment of primary or secondary level based on the standard guidelines.


  • Reduce mortality due to asthma.


  • Increase awareness of asthma symptoms and how to control it.


  • Educate health practitioners about the importance of correct diagnosis and disease control.


Avoid These Things if You are Asthma patient:


  • Stay away from smoking


  • Avoid dust, soil


  • Use masks


  • Avoid cold


  • Do not go to polluted places



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