World Tourism Day 2021: Try These Medical Tourism Destinations

As the UNWTO puts it ” The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive social and economic impact. Both developed and developing economies have been hit. And marginalized groups and the most vulnerable have been hit hardest of all.” We at GoMedii keeping the spirit of World Tourism Day 2021 in mind, have made sure that nothing holds back our patients to get the finest treatment and get the benefits of medical tourism in the best way possible.

With this noble cause let us understand how you can choose the most promising places for your medical treatment. We are on a mission to help those in need and make healthcare inclusive and accessible.


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About World Tourism Day 2021



World Tourism Day, celebrated each year on 27 September, is the global observance day fostering awareness of tourism’s social, cultural, political, and economic value and the contribution that the sector can make towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.


The Theme Of World Tourism Day 2021


As per the UNWTO, the theme this year is, “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”. It also says, “Ideas and commitments are nothing if they are not put into action. World Tourism Day is a chance for a diverse range of tourism stakeholders, including destinations and businesses of all sizes, to explore how they can be more inclusive as tourism restarts, to share best practices, and celebrate achievements.”


Which are The Best Places For Medical Tourism Around The World?


Let us help you know more about the medical tourism places that you can travel to and gain the benefits of medical tourism. Help yourself and the people you love with the right kind of medical assistance. This World Tourism Day 2021, experience a new phase of medical treatments possible!


The Land of Ayurveda: India



Being the land of Ayurveda and yoga therapy, India attracts medical tourists around the world. Tourists from many countries such as the Middle East, Canada, and the U.S visit India for cost-effective medical treatments especially in fields of fertility, orthopedic, cardiac, and oncology problems, and organ transplants.

Medical tourism in India is known for its zero waiting time, which means that after the initial diagnosis of the disease, the surgery will be performed without further delay.


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Thailand Welcomes You With the Warmth



Thailand is well known for its unique hospitality and exotic beaches. Having the highest number of internationally accredited hospitals in South-East Asia, Thailand draws a good number of medical travelers each year.

Thailand is most reputed for advanced dental work as well as cosmetic and dermatological procedures. With its marvelous cultural beauty, this island country makes it to the list of best countries for medical tourism.


Enrich The Culture And Medical Expertise Of Turkey



The lovely landscape of Turkey invites people around the globe for the best medical care methods especially for cardiac, cancer, and orthopedic care. The country is also known as one of the leading places for eye treatments in the world.
Laser treatments for vision are also quite popular in Turkey because of the affordability provided by the hospitals in the country.

With the above option, we would still convince you to opt for India as your choice. Here are some reasons why India is still better in the best countries for medical tourism.


Dubai, A Great Option!



In today’s time, there are various such countries that provide far better medical care treatment facilities than the rich ones. When it comes to medical treatment then Dubai is the country that providing top-class medical care treatment facilities.

If you compare it with other developed countries then Dubai is a good option for medical treatment. It provides a lot of medical treatments at a far lower cost than other western countries. Understand the importance of World Tourism Day 2021 better with knowing about such amazing destinations for medical treatment.


GoMedii On World Tourism Day 2021!


GoMedii is making that effort to reach heights by providing its services. We are making the industry better with our technology. We have built a system that blends technology and human expertise to provide every medical assistance for those in the country as well as those who travel across the lands to get affordable treatment in India.

GoMedii assist various stakeholders in a way that they get connected to each other with a single interface. Our streamlined working process helps the patient get the most high-quality medical care when they come to India. We ensure all kinds of comfort for the patient.

Assisting our patients with prescription fulfillment and medicine fulfillment is a big part of our operation. Building a better and trustful association involves an Online consultation facility for both domestic and international patients.

Our mobile application that caters to people across countries with the multi-lingual feature of the same, defines our approach of providing pre-treatment and post-treatment to our customers and giving them the hospitality that they deserve by forming a strong bond.

Our operations involve a very systematically laid down algorithm. We facilitate our patients with Virtual and online pharmacy that is trusted by many. There are numerous trusted pharmacy and medical experts who we are associated with to provide legitimate and authenticate medicines.

The team at GoMedii works to ensure a therapeutic experience to the patient by curating all the solutions of treatment and medical experience that they witness in India. Breaking the language barrier to establish a trusted online market presence, we have brought a revolution to patient care management technology, by connecting patients to a leading network of healthcare providers.


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