And Then My Perspective Towards Happiness Changed



My 8-year-old son was fighting cancer and became very unwelcoming towards life. His treatment was going well and he was slowly recovering too. But he could not live like the children of his age, which made him depressed. He also wanted to live a normal life like his peers.


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I decided to show him the world of the poor, so that he realizes that there are so many things that people lack in their life, yet they are living a happy life.


And I took him to our native village, where there were no material comforts. We decided that we would stay in the same way for a few days along with them. We spent about 20 days there, and then we returned.


After returning, I asked my son how was his experience during the trip. He replied, that it was nice there, their life was much better than us. He also shared that they have very good means of living while we had a shortage of things. This response was something opposite to what we were expecting from him. Since I found his answer quite strange, so I asked him to explain what exactly he meant.


He then said “We have only one pet, our Bonzi, while they have four. Our garden has flowers, while they have a river that has no end. We have bulbs to glow at night while they have a sky full of stars. We have a small piece of land while they have endless farms.


We buy food while they grow it. We have guards for our protection, while they do not need them. Because they have many friends who will always protect each other.”


His answer stunned me; I could not even utter a word.


Then my son added, “Thank you, Dad, for letting me see how poor we are.”


His words changed my perspective towards life completely. I realized just like how one would see a glass either half-full or half-empty, real happiness also lies in the way you see the good things in life.


As the famous saying goes; “Two men look through the same bars. One sees the mud, one sees the stars.”


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