Know More in Detail About Stage 4 Severe CKD

Divya Tripathi

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CKD or chronic kidney disease happens if your kidneys have been damaged. The kidneys damage occurs due to physical injury or a disease such as diabetes or hypertension.


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If your kidneys get damaged, then the eGFR between 15 and 30. It means that they are not able to perform their jobs as well as they should. Stage 4 Severe CKD should be taken very seriously – it is the last stage before kidney failure.


The important task done by your kidneys are:


  • Filter blood


  • Making balance of your body’s fluids


  • Regulate hormones


  • Helps to keep blood pressure under control


  • Keep bones healthy


  • Help make red blood cells



Symptoms of Stage 4 Severe CKD:


At Stage 4 severe CKD, many people have symptoms such as:


  • Swelling in your hands and feet



  • Urinating more or less than usual


At Stage 4, you will likely also have health complications as waste builds up in your body and your kidneys are not working well, such as:



  • Anemia (a low number of red blood cells)


  • Bone disease


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What to do at Stage 4 Severe CKD?


To keep stage 4 CKD from getting worse, your doctor may recommend you to the below mention points like:


Have regular checkups with a nephrologist, who will make the treatment plan that is right for you according to your condition. He will also let you know how often you will need to go for the kidneys checked.


Consult with a dietitian, who will help you follow a healthy diet.


Take special blood pressure medicines such as ACE inhibitors and ARBs if your doctor suggests you to do so. If you are dealing with diabetes or hypertension, sometimes these medicines can help you to keep your kidney disease from getting worse.


At Stage 4 Severe CKD, this is the time to discuss with your doctor about how to prepare for kidney failure. Once your kidneys have failed, you need to go for dialysis or have a kidney transplant.


Preparing for dialysis


Dialysis is a process that helps you to clean your blood when your kidneys have failed. There are various things about dialysis, such as type of dialysis hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, how to plan your treatments and how they will affect your daily life.


Preparing for a transplant


A kidney transplant is a surgery to give you a healthy kidney from someone else’s body. If you can find a living kidney donor, you may not need to start dialysis at all. It is possible to have a transplant when your kidneys are getting close to failure. Learn more about kidney transplants.



Here we have discussed stage 4 severe CKD, this is the stage where we have to take care of all the things related to the kidney to make it worse. So, consult your doctor and care provider team regarding the lifestyle.


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