Stent Angioplasty Success Story: David’s Triumph Over Tachycardia

Stent Angioplasty Success Story: David’s Triumph Over Tachycardia


When 54-year-old David Muskesh Prashad from Fiji was diagnosed with tachycardia, he knew he had to seek advanced treatment outside his home country. After successful stent angioplasty in India, David has triumphed over the condition. His inspiring medical travel story gives hope to countless other global patients.


David had been suffering from chest pain and breathlessness for many months. Doctors in Fiji diagnosed him with tachycardia, a dangerously rapid heart rate. They also discovered blockages in his coronary arteries that needed angioplasty.


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The Struggle to Find Proper Treatment


The doctors in Fiji recommended David to get angioplasty done abroad as the procedure wasn’t easily available locally. David consulted a few hospitals in Australia but the waiting time was too long.


David recalls, “The long waits for treatment abroad were very worrying for my heart condition. Time was precious but I wasn’t getting the urgent care I needed.”


Like many patients from smaller countries, David was struggling to access advanced cardiology treatment.


Discovering India – The World’s Medical Travel Hub


During his desperate online search for treatment options, David came across many positive stories of global patients who travelled to India and got cured of heart conditions.


The world-class cardiology treatment, short waiting times and affordable costs strongly appealed to David. He decided India was his best choice.


David says, “I took the decision to travel to India as I was impressed by the Indian doctors’ skills and the latest medical technology available at affordable prices.”


Assistance Every Step of the Way


David reached out to GoMedii, a reputable medical travel provider in India. He submitted an inquiry for his heart condition on their site.


GoMedii’s patient care representative, Firdaus Jahan, got in touch with David to understand his condition. She advised him to consult with Dr Sanjeev Gera, renowned Cardiologist at Fortis Hospital, NOIDA.


David recalls, “Firdaus organized my video consultation with Dr Gera. The doctor patiently answered all my queries. This gave me a lot of confidence.”


Successful Stent Angioplasty


The expert team at Fortis Hospital NOIDA performed an emergency stent angioplasty procedure on David led by Dr Sanjeev Gera. The minimally invasive procedure successfully opened the blocked arteries in David’s heart.


David says, “I could immediately feel the relief in my chest pain after the stent surgery. My recovery was very smooth and the nurses took excellent care.”


Road to Recovery


Within a week after the stent angioplasty, David was ready to be discharged and travel back to Fiji soon. Thanks to his successful surgery in India, David is now living a healthy life free of tachycardia.


David is extremely grateful to Dr Sanjeev Gera and the Fortis Hospital staff for the compassionate care he received. He also thanks GoMedii for their invaluable support during his medical travel to India.


David’s inspiring success story stands as a testament to India’s world-class cardiology treatment. It reaffirms India’s reputation as a trusted global destination for patients seeking advanced medical care.


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